the corn

We need to love our sources of employment, to fight for their welfare. 3 .- attitude to life. An elephant in a circus, docile to the instructions of the trainer, but stays in place without escape. How is it that does not escape you, if you have all the physical elements to do so. Very simply, as a boy had one leg chained to a stake and lived as a child, waiting to be fed.

I was born a callus on his leg, and also in the head, forming the idea that “can not”, not may. This happens to us when we arrived at middle age “we can not, because from listening to live young adjectives that we despised. “You’re a brute,” “not think”, “You’re the black sheep of the family.” This young man reaches adulthood and all I learned is to follow instructions, and the corn on your head you can not see and seek development opportunities, rather he hopes “to be fed.” There are parents and teachers, who are unwittingly creating losers. But there are also those that create winners. We must change our mentality in many ways. Support young people, trained to work as a team for a common good, leaving them to awaken their creative spirit to create new development opportunities in our countries.

Youth undertake, and devote their efforts to complete as employees. Why are young people starting their own businesses?. But we imagine the company in a glass building on a main avenue, No way!, How to start any business? Without economic capital with many adversities.

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