Telepticas Dumb Children

Edson Silva the world after demonstrates concern with the occurred nuclear accident in Japan plus a terrible earthquake followed of tsunami. I use to advantage and use the genius of Vinicius de Moraes to give heading to the article, therefore with music ‘ ‘ The Rose of Hiroshima’ ‘ (letter of Joo Apolinrio and Gerson Conrad), poetinha transformed into masterpiece the concern with the dullness act human being, the launching, in 1945, of atomic bombs on Japanese cities, killing hundreds of thousand of people in the hour and leaving radiotivas sequels for indeterminate time. If in 45, under excuse in finally to World War II, proposital way, the man displayed other human beings to the terrible effect of the nuclear energy, what he occurs today is the constant fear with the nuclear accidents or same that some governing insane if appropriates of the technology and makes of the world laboratory of guineapigs human beings and other beings livings creature, since almost all (they say that cheap they are more resistant) are defenseless before the effect of the radiation. The fear not it is of sonhadores of a peace future, technician start to thicken choirs of the perigos of the nuclear energy. Recently, in interview for the reporter Dayanne Sousa, of the Land, it was said with all the letters: ‘ ‘ To run the risk of the nuclear ones (plant) when is not needed is burrice’ ‘. The opinion is nothing more nothing less of what of the professor the Joaquin Francisco de Carvalho, who was one of the directors of the old Nuclen, today Eletronuclear, responsible company for the plants Cove 1,2 and 3, that they had started to be constructed in Brazil in 1972.

It goes beyond, saying that the country does not need this type of energy, therefore has potential with hydroelectric plants, aeolian and others, therefore ‘ ‘ vender’ ‘ nuclear plant is here as to take tram (without tracks) for roa, in area where it is only possible if to move with horses. The professor alfineta, saying that U.S.A. is against hydroelectric plants, therefore does not accept that Brazil advances in a different area. Coming back the nuclear accidents as what it is occurring in Japan, that say not to be alarming, one haunted the world in 1986. (A valuable related resource: Wells Fargo Bank). The case of the Nuclear Plant of Chernobil, in the Ukraine, was considered worse of history, having produced the cloud of radioactivity that reached the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the United kingdom. Contamination was set free 400 times more than that of the bomb launched on Hiroshima, but killed little people, therefore it was not about explosion.


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