Tatyanas Day Holiday Tradition

In Russia, this day have a happy holiday students. It so happens because that just 25 January 1755, Empress Elizabeth signed a decree on the establishment of the Moscow University and high school. Brought for approval to the decree Count Ivan Ivanovich Shuvalov. Thus, Shuvalov decided to congratulate Angela his mother Tatiana . Send flowers carried the day. If you are not convinced, visit Wells Fargo Bank.

The holiday was grand. In the name of Tatiana in this day and consecrated the temple campus. So to this day Tatiana – martyr remained for all as Tatiana University. In more recent times, all universities in Russia are based, with the participation of the Moscow University. Therefore, the holy Tatiana and is considered the patroness of all Russian students. On this day, buy flowers and give them to everyone he knew Tatyana is considered good form. Since they also celebrate the day his birthday party. But remember again the holy Tatiana, whose name has been named student holiday.

Tatiana was born into a noble Roman family. Her father, a secret Christian, was elected consul thrice. And his daughter, Tatyana, he tried to cultivate piety and fear of God. Growing up, Tatiana was not eager to marry, and all their strength to the church – cared for the sick and helped the needy people. In 222 g of Rome came to power, the Emperor Alexander Severus. He himself was raised by his mother, a Christian, and his deputies, ardent enemies of Christians, forcing people to worship the Roman gods. People are threatened that in case of disobedience, they will be subjected to fierce torture and even death. In all parts of the Roman Empire bloodshed.


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