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Thursday, October 15th, 2015

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The organic positioning, that is not dependent on online marketing specific actions, such as Adwords or sponsored links, is a long process, and if things are OK, incremental achievements, slowly but surely. Much can be done with little investment to start climbing positions, even before hiring a professional SEO service. The pillars which should sustain our efforts are three: Create a network of incoming links, or sites linking to us-of course without buying links strengthen the textual aspect of the site. Position as an authority in the niche of reference, and forged one. Now get to work. Aim for getting incoming links per day for a while to upload your site on search engines and directories. The hard way and difficult manually. It is as sure a higher success rate when attempting to be included in the listings.

Many portals such questions have spam, just to prevent automated submissions. Open a txt file, copy the url of your site, title, short description, long description, contact email, and copy and paste. I assure you that if one dedicates herself to the thankless task with dedication, the results are surprising. Participate in social networks. Remember, very recently, Google has decided to include the content posted by users on their SERPs (natural results pages). There are many types of social networks, each dedicated to a specific audience, for regionality, language and age group segmentation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ben Silbermann . Beyond the natural hues, can not fail to be on Twitter and Facebook at least, and creating the Facebook page of your site.

Remember to create a full profile, entering the description of your page, interests and "mainly-url. Learn more on the subject from Robert Kiyosaki. Offer original notes to other sites. Surely more than one page will want to have their partnerships. Generally, the custom is to allow the inclusion of a link to your site in the biography or the field dedicated to the author's data. Enrich the textual content of your site Choose the text to the Flash plug ins or graphic posters. Add more textual material on its products: technical specifications, user reviews, FAQ, etc.. Start a blog. In addressing this task, consider your audience that content assessed. The idea is to provide added value to their products and services. Consider that those who follow his blog is an enthusiast on the subject. It is therefore legitimate to include not only their own material but it seems that you appreciate your readers (obviously respecting copyright, and citing sources) Create a positive online reputation The idea is that you speak well of yourself . This kind of attitude, apart from being unethical are not credible by users, and in fact do more harm than good. But, it is possible to contribute to recognition of their community by participating in forums and social networks. The premise is not to spam, but to participate in an authentic manner, collaborating with other members. This is the ABC to begin to work towards positioning sustainable organic and sustainable. Carrying out these simple actions, when it comes time to rely on the services of a professional SEO results will be achieved much faster. And once your site has been optimized, is the practice of these activities to help you maintain the best positions in the natural results of search engines.