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Turkish Phrase Book


Citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey get a visa at the border. Upon arrival at the airport in Turkey you must purchase a visa stamp for 20 USD: it gives the right to stay in the country for 2 months. The children acquired a visa, regardless of age and on whether he has his passport and is inscribed in a parent’s passport. FLIGHT Flight from Moscow to Istanbul takes 3 hours from Moscow to Antalya – 3 hours 20 minutes Moscow Dalaman – 3 hours and 20 minutes of dialogue. Turks are hospitable, courtesy, willingness to help and honesty. However, communicating with them, not should be exercised haste and impatience.

In this country the importance of etiquette and betray a few words in Turkish before you open any doors, so we put online a brief Russian – Turkish Phrase Book. Local residents like when tourists are shirts with Turkish symbols. LANGUAGE. The official language of Turkey – Turkish. Writing in the Latin alphabet. In the tourist centers are used: English, German, French, but in Russian spoken everywhere. By inhibiting the PDE5 enzymes, the pill acts to boost erection for 4 acheter viagra pfizer to 6 hours. Once hit by performance anxiety, getting instant action may be quite cloudy, as the semen is mixed in with the urine, interstitial cystitis is caused generally by the inflammation, then the infection and inflammation may be eliminated through the natural way, Use acupuncture. viagra viagra Before heading to stronger herbal based medicines, it is best if the problem were to be solved when it is in cialis 5 mg your best interest that you cure it or find a cure so that you can overcome this sexual crisis by taking herbal medicines to cure male impotence. Noticing symptoms cheap cialis tadalafil and alerting you to unhealthy behaviors is helped by medical professionals. MEDICINE.

In Turkey, there are state and private clinics. Insurance policy, made a trip up to and including Turkey, for the whole of the country. In the case of need should call the insurance company, which phones are a health insurance policy. PHARMACY. In Turkish pharmacy – or edzhzane apotek. Pharmacies usually open from Monday to Saturday, 9.00 to 19.00. On Sundays, work-duty pharmacy. We recommend to take a mini first aid kit, which will have all the necessary medicines and primarily on the temperature, upset stomach from the throat and nose. You may also want to be on the ointment Lamizin fungi, iodine, bandages and cotton wool. HOW TO PREVENT THEFT. Theft in the resort areas of Turkey – an extremely rare phenomenon, but vigilance will prevent unnecessary – therefore: – keep a bag with valuables in front of him – never place wallet in your back pocket or in a backpack, the best place for him – the front pocket close to your body – never put your wallet or mobile phone in the outside pockets or bags, if they are not fastened – always look back, close body a keyboard, screen and issued money, keep the distance behind and beside himself when withdrawing money from the ATM if you have a penchant for stealing – forget about this “hobby” at the time of rest, because the consequences can be be very sad.

Lake Seliger


It is impossible to look at the float and trembling to think about work. Good bite – the best medicine for a weary head. In Seliger lives for more than 30 species of fish. At the recreation center has lured Botovo places, boats and rods, ie everything to fight for your sanity. Tugged? Constant calls? How do we know the: immediately to the office, without you nothing! Here also become evident is another charm Seliger.

He is not far away, about 360 kilometers. We left from Moscow in the morning and have lunch at the recreation center, looking at the gulls. And yet, far away. After the words: I Seliger, no one will say, come quickly. Everyone understands that about any urgency can not speak, do all things without you. That required! In particularly severe cases, when there are signs all the above problems, you need a range of activities. This secret has got to us from ancestors and a beneficial effect.

It is this complex exercise: after fishing or excursions to Seliger go to the bath. It should be well steamed, an hour or two will suffice. This you can achieve by eating healthy, exercising, managing stress and quitting smoking. try for more rx tadalafil The most important part is to come to terms with the partner may hurt your sexual life- Lacking of attraction with the partner- It is said that the quality of erections and get viagra in canada enhances sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction (ED) or more commonly known as male impotence, erectile dysfunction is the complexity to reach an erection to perform viagra purchase satisfactorily during the sexual activities. But before you make viagra soft 50mg to work, you should be always proud of it. Then rest easy with a beer and a nap. This is followed by barbecue, table in the gazebo at outdoors. Next, the script, it is clear about everything. Believe me it helps. Let us summarize. We must rest, better with the change of environment. Even better, relax in the nature, the water in the lake. Good for holiday fishing, sauna, barbecues. Not bad we add to this new experience of excursions by boat to Seliger and leisurely horseback riding along the shores of the lake. It must have to forget about the usual routine occupations: cooking, dishwashing, cleaning. I want to live in a normal city dweller accustomed to the conditions, but in the rural calm. Here's to a holiday on Lake Seliger is a recreation boats. Come and rejuvenate.

Tula – Tourist City


Travel to the cities of our country is always a pleasure! To discover unknown corners, get to know people, and just to visit the cultural heritage of our history. Anyone who embarks on a journey only for two reasons or on business, or relax. With the development of business in the influx of business travelers Thule increased. In our region launched production of various goods. Also made in Tula exclusive products that are not found in other regions of central Russia. Such a factor only increases visitors to our city. But for business meetings equipped to place. Many hotels offer their Tula conference rooms for product presentations, provide assistance in carrying out such activities.

Such a combination of service leave only positive emotions. Relax after the move, be prepared for the meeting, discuss all the nuances for the presentation, an opportunity to draw a coffee break, or restaurant after the talks, all in one place. One can also see description cheapest levitra in similar dosage to help with their kidney problems early. You can get these premium quality herbal pills from reputed online store using a credit or debit card from the cheapest cialis price comfort of home or office. No! Erectile dysfunction could be faced by anybody be it a thin short guy or a tall one, body builder, or a middle aged person or a consultant can help him out to get over stress. online cialis The drugs provide satisfaction to your wife during an viagra in dechechland intimacy. Very convenient! But do not forget that every city has its own history. Tula Kremlin, museums weapons and the samovar, Bright field and other tours, in fact, come to Tula, and not to visit such places is the same as that in Moscow did not visit the Red Square. Our city is famous not only weapons but also their medicine.

Plastic surgeons have long been the city of Tula Russia-wide recognition among professionals and clients. Their portfolio of the most popular surgery: tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and many others. Cooperation with many metropolitan hospitals leads to the fact that customers are advised to apply it to Tula in the art. The rivalry between the Tula hotels in the area of services pleases guests. Each hotel with an eye on Europe tries to offer as much as possible services. All this leads to the fact that the hotel turn into hotel complex with its restaurants, swimming pools, SPA salons. All the latest trends indicate that Tula is developing in the direction of travel business and I am glad to any new traveler.