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Becker Capital

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

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From product to customer-oriented market control from the control information of the sales controlling, can be in the way of a customer classification derive several measures, to improve ultimately the overall profitability of the customer portfolio on optimizing the profitability of individual customer relationships. Because many customers don’t complain, but instead just wander off, many companies only notice the reduced loyalty of their customers when changing. Due to existing Exchange barriers the migration process is also not always abruptly, but often rather quiet”. This remains the chance to identify these customers before the target and try to retain (Customer Rentention). Others who may share this opinion include Christos Staikouras . The determination of the probability of emigration answered still don’t want to change the customer or if the customer should or not be kept.

See against the backdrop of the dynamic effect relations in a comprehensive intellectual capital report including Jorg Becker: intellectual capital report with customer barometer, ISBN 978-3-8370-5177-3. In addition to the measure of the Loyalty must be evaluated also the appeal: so the central question is: who is my customer? The planning process begins with the analysis of the available is information currently: inventory of current customer structure, product positioning, market data, and the own sales potential. From this information, strategic marketing actions can be developed and then implemented in the operative sales planning, incorporating the business visions. To gain advantages over the competition, a segmentation of the market as a whole is may to buyer groups. Trying to conquer attractive potential concepts tailored for specific audiences. This approach is recommended if large markets are stagnating, if higher growth rates than that of the overall market are to be achieved if the value creation ratio should be increased, to improve the profitability of the product, or to build closer customer ties. By combining a homogeneous revenue and performance program for specially defined and delineated business planning areas can be made more transparent and more controllable. Segmentation of markets means always release smaller markets from larger total markets.

At the same time, segmentation is equivalent to a specialization. Quasi automatic side effect will addresses the threat, to narrow planning perspectives through a too one-sided orientation of the product. Because a segmentation takes account of the differentiation of the businesses better, because unilaterally on the product, but also that this overlapping contexts of demand in the relevant customer segment is turned off.