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Email Marketing

Friday, December 26th, 2014

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artegic delivers with ELAINE FIVE perfect for the convergence of Bonn, July 09, 2010. Recent studies show: the boom of online dialogue marketing continues unabated. According to dialogue marketing the total expenses in email marketing measures are monitor 2010 of Deutsche Post last year further to around two billion euros has increased. A further increase of the budget is predicted for 2010. The same applies to investments in social media marketing.

The more solutions are needed currently, that promote the convergence of the two ranges, support. This above all solutions are required in addition to the extension of marketing campaigns in social networks, that fleeting contacts from social networks can be transformed effectively into a direct dialogue. In particular provider such as the E-CRM specialist of artegic ( take advantage of this development. The software suite ELAINE FIVE presented by artegic a few weeks ago for the first time allows two-way networking E-Mail and social media. Therefore can not only content pushed into different channels, but especially also leads obtained from social networks.

The market needs smart solutions with measurable ROI “With ELAINE FIVE we hit the nerve of many senior currently”, so Stefan von Lieven, CEO of artegic AG. “After the Sturm und drang phase, in which aimless in social media has been invested, increasing the number of those who ask for strategic approaches and measurable success. Here ELAINE FIVE can play out its strengths.” Background is the innovative advanced fingerprinting technology from ELAINE, which facilitates the identification of relevant contacts and at the same time allows for the targeted transfer of E-CRM processes. “This lead orientation underlines the ROI by ELAINE. Because despite the increasing investment one must not overlook that the average spending has fallen slightly. Put it another way: although demand increasingly online dialogue marketing, the budget is used but more targeted with high expectations for the return on Investment”, Stefan von Lieven connect in accordance with the most recent results of the dialog marketing monitor 2010 meaning of the E-Mail communication on constant high level especially expert positively the fact that the importance of email communication continues to increase the E-CRM. “Social media is not the successor of the email, but the companion just for younger users”. So, a recent study by eMarketer and StrongMail shows that the Group of those aged 18 to 29 years old sent emails almost as often and receives as the 30-to 45-year. The proportion of those who publish messages in their online profiles is significantly higher than in all other age groups with 32 percent. “The last internet facts of the AGOF allow only one conclusion: the email was never communication so important as it is today”, commented Stefan von Lieven in the most recent survey of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft online research. That against this background the investments in E-Mail Marketing continues to, is therefore only logical for him: “are an integral part of the high demand so the topics of segmentation and success control. Solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the marketing mix, are certainly at an advantage.” Learn more about the mentioned studies under… . Read more about ELAINE FIVE and the possibilities of integration of email, mobile and social media can be found under.