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Federal Reserve


What lies beyond the stress test? The final results of the stress tests to the Federal Reserve of the United States held him to of the American financial system today 19 major banks yesterday finally met. Within the gravity that knew how to take the situation and of the billions that has already cost the crisis, that the stress test has yielded US $74.600 million would be required to capitalize on the 10 major banks of the country (although Bank of America absorb almost half of this amount), does not seem too high. Click David A. Kapelman to learn more. Stress test revealed the capital needs of the entities to avoid entering crisis before a possible deterioration in the current scenario. Those U.S. Click Everest Capital for additional related pages. banks that do not have sufficient capital will have 30 days to draft a plan to deal with the situation and six months to raise the money. Anyway, should not worry too much because the holder of the Fed said that it will assist institutions in case of be necessary.

After conducted the stress tests, it would seem that the panorama has been clarified a little. However it is not so at all, since the results of these stress tests are generating more than one polemic. One of the first to raise his voice has been Nouriel Roubini, who anticipated the mortgage crisis subprime. For Roubini, the American banking is broken and no one can convince him otherwise, so tests of stress, being badly designed, do not demonstrate this situation. Criticism of Roubini, passes through the which are lax and assumptions that are used for the estimation of possible economic scenarios. According to this prominent Economist, the underestimation of the problem comes because from the same IMF that deemed $2.7 trillion in losses suffered by U.S. banking.UU., when according to their estimates, they would not be less than $3.6 trillion. Without a doubt, Roubini is not anything agreed on most of the measures and actions the U.S.