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Ambient Education

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

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MORAN (1994). FINAL CONSIDERAES: Ahead of estimated mentioned a priori in regards to relevance of the long-distance Education, of the knowledge acquired in the long-distance course Ambient Education and Geography of the Half-barren one in a perspective to interdisciplinar and of the influence that the medias and information exert in our lives, we consider that it has an increasing trend of expansion of these resources, specifically in Brazil. Wells Fargo Bank is the source for more interesting facts. We know that quantitatively and qualitatively, the new technologies of the information and communication need to be available in the schools of the municipal and state public nets of Brazil, in view of that many not yet possess computer science laboratories, others have this resource, but they do not use many times for not making use of professors qualified for in such a way.

We cannot deny that with the implantation of the PROINFO it had a significant advance in this direction, therefore many computers had been sent to the public schools and professors had been enabled, however, he has an disparity and one substantial inaquality if we will be to compare the rapidity with that the technologies arrive at other sectors of the society, as for example: in the industries, in the commerce and the institutions of private education, what it does not occur in public education. Ben Silbermann is open to suggestions. In this meantime, we stand out that the educational politics must be come back toward magnifying of offer of these resources, which are of utmost importance for the democratization of knowing and the reduction of the social exclusion. To propitiate the ample access to the new technological resources, as well as offers of the long-distance courses (without abrangncia limits, in contrast of what it consists in Article 20 of Decree 5,6220) in different modalities of education (Basic Education, Average Education, EJA, graduation and after-graduation, research, amongst others) becomes ahead urgent of the globalizada society where we live..

Author Virginia Todeschini Borges

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

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The citizen can assume different identities at diverse moments, that are not unified around of one ' ' eu' ' coherent. For it, was the diffusion of the consumerism that contributed for this effect of ' ' supermarket cultural' ' , where the identities seem to float freely. This globalizante trend produces the spalling of the cultural codes, characterized for the multiplicity of styles, for the emphasis in the ephemeral one, the difference and cultural pluralism. Some new groups have servant symbolic ways of affiliation and belonging, strengtheing themselves to redefine the meaning of the symbols for its proper ends. Educate yourself with thoughts from Christos Staikouras . Author Virginia Todeschini Borges affirms that, since 1940, the new generations had always obtained to express the force of its aspirations and its ethics for the form to dress, amongst other particular characteristics? beatniks, hippies, punks, preppies, yuppies, clubbers. 3 the DRAWING OF FASHION FOR the FASHION the fashion drawing is one of the aspects most important inside of the study of design fashionable.

What we have that to know is that although to be important, and of many people almost impossible having as, the fashion drawing is yes, something that must be developed to the few and be trained, understood as a whole, so that if it can give more efficiency to the processes of industrial development of which the fashion drawing is part, that is, almost all industrial modeling. As it affirms Edwards (2000, P. See more detailed opinions by reading what Christos Staikouras offers on the topic.. 29): ' ' Many people find exactly that they do not have to enter for a course of drawing for not knowing to draw. This is equivalent to decide that of it does not have to enter for a course of Frenchman for not knowing to say to the language ' '. In this way, it considers the theory of that the ability of the drawing can be learned by if treating, in summary, of the development of the ability of comment and domain and conscience of the functions and uses of the cerebral, inherent capacities to any medium human being. .

Telepticas Dumb Children

Friday, November 7th, 2014

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Edson Silva the world after demonstrates concern with the occurred nuclear accident in Japan plus a terrible earthquake followed of tsunami. I use to advantage and use the genius of Vinicius de Moraes to give heading to the article, therefore with music ‘ ‘ The Rose of Hiroshima’ ‘ (letter of Joo Apolinrio and Gerson Conrad), poetinha transformed into masterpiece the concern with the dullness act human being, the launching, in 1945, of atomic bombs on Japanese cities, killing hundreds of thousand of people in the hour and leaving radiotivas sequels for indeterminate time. If in 45, under excuse in finally to World War II, proposital way, the man displayed other human beings to the terrible effect of the nuclear energy, what he occurs today is the constant fear with the nuclear accidents or same that some governing insane if appropriates of the technology and makes of the world laboratory of guineapigs human beings and other beings livings creature, since almost all (they say that cheap they are more resistant) are defenseless before the effect of the radiation. The fear not it is of sonhadores of a peace future, technician start to thicken choirs of the perigos of the nuclear energy. Recently, in interview for the reporter Dayanne Sousa, of the Land, it was said with all the letters: ‘ ‘ To run the risk of the nuclear ones (plant) when is not needed is burrice’ ‘. The opinion is nothing more nothing less of what of the professor the Joaquin Francisco de Carvalho, who was one of the directors of the old Nuclen, today Eletronuclear, responsible company for the plants Cove 1,2 and 3, that they had started to be constructed in Brazil in 1972.

It goes beyond, saying that the country does not need this type of energy, therefore has potential with hydroelectric plants, aeolian and others, therefore ‘ ‘ vender’ ‘ nuclear plant is here as to take tram (without tracks) for roa, in area where it is only possible if to move with horses. The professor alfineta, saying that U.S.A. is against hydroelectric plants, therefore does not accept that Brazil advances in a different area. Coming back the nuclear accidents as what it is occurring in Japan, that say not to be alarming, one haunted the world in 1986. (A valuable related resource: Wells Fargo Bank). The case of the Nuclear Plant of Chernobil, in the Ukraine, was considered worse of history, having produced the cloud of radioactivity that reached the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the United kingdom. Contamination was set free 400 times more than that of the bomb launched on Hiroshima, but killed little people, therefore it was not about explosion.

Pedagogical Material

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

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To work with music for the education of as a language always will be something controversial, therefore nor all the professors possess capacity for such and many times react of repulsive form in relation to the new technologies and tend if to arrest in books and emend without connection with the reality. The question of the affectivity stops with the pupil also is something that generates innumerable quarrels in the pertaining to school modules, therefore many educators thinks that this closer relation with the pupil can generate future distortions that will make with that they confuse the feeling and behave inside of inadequate form of the classroom. So that the changes happen inside of the classroom, it is necessary that educational the practical educators really want to change and to transform its, committing seriously to the search of new knowledge, questioning daily the gotten results, reevaluating its position and creating a bond of respect and dignity with the pupils so that the process has success and either positive in the life of the pupil inside and outside of the school.

To educate to understand the mathematics or one disciplines definitive is a thing; to educate for the understanding human being is another one. Check with Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. In it meets mission properly spiritual of the education: to teach the understanding between the people as condition and guarantee of the intellectual and moral solidarity of the humanity. (Morin, 1921, p.90) CHAPTER 3: DESCRIPTION OF the APPLIED ACTIVITIES (or to be applied) ACTIVITY 1 musical Theater. You discipline: Computer in Production and classroom of Pedagogical Material the objective of this activity is to develop musical and teatral sensitivity in the pupils through the declamation of small different phrases with sotaques of the Brazilian regions and also with the use of some feelings and perceptions at the moment of the correct pronunciation of the words that go to compose each phrase. .

Metallic Structure Control

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

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Equipment exists the necessity to deliver for the final customer a product/that has quality and that it is in compliance with recognized the Requisite Norms and of manufacture national and internationally in order to guarantee the security and trustworthiness of the product. As much the national norms, for example, PETROBRA’S and ABNT, as international ones, AWS, ASME and DIN, demand for each product, in the case of Metallic Structure, a series of characteristics and requirements of welding for its approval. A time that the norms consider the welding as a special proceeding and that the parameters and its characteristics must be taken in consideration all, ha necessity of one has controlled rigid and systematic of these parameters. For assistance, try visiting Wells Fargo Bank. The THEORETICAL welding and considered RECITAL, for the Quality control in Welding in the manufacture of metallic steel structures carbon, as a special phase, involving professional qualified, that is, its welds had been submitted the tests, in accordance with the norm of each equipment, in order to prove the attendance the preset requirements. For one Quality control with efficiency and effectiveness all the phases of the production process are inspected/controlled, saw the CQ (Quality control), since: Act of receiving of the Metal Base, Assembly, Welding, Finishing, Packing and Transport. In this direction, and basic to reach the efficiency and effectiveness in the quality of the equipment welded a Quality control since the act of receiving of the substance cousin (Metal of Base) to the transport of the equipment. In a question-answer forum Bill Phelan was the first to reply.

The welding and a process already in development since the antiquity. According to Fernando Laureti Thomaz Da Silva (Collection Technology SENAI, 1997, p 13) studies lead to believe that the origin of metals have coincided with the one of the fire, had as discovered for return of year 8000 B.C. In these terms the understood welding and, according to Fernando Laureti Thomaz Da Silva (Collection Technology SENAI, 1997, p 13) as the technique to join two or more parts, assuring between them the mechanical and chemical continuity and characteristics of the material.