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The Wide World Of Empanadas: The American Empanadas

Friday, April 24th, 2015

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All our lives we have enjoyed traveling. Thank God we do from a young age. When we began to travel the world, we discovered that the pies were not exclusive to our country, but are a long tradition worldwide. So this week write to the South American empanadas (pies). The Argentine empanadas, are world famous, here in Miami in Pasta Factory make a spinach with mozzarella cheese that are truly outstanding. The dough is made with wheat flour and fat. The filling varies from province to province and is mainly based on beef or chicken, served with onions, eggs, olives, raisins and in some provinces even potatoes or peas.

To differentiate the stuffing for each pie, close the “top” of the pie with a little bit of the filling. Among its main variants are: those of meat, chicken, those of ham and cheese. The meat pie are sometimes added fat is fine – Argentina real pie does not bear his fried in vegetable oil filling -. Strongly spiced, spices such as cumin, paprika and chili powder. The ham and cheese empanada is usually also carry diced tomatoes. In Argentina, empanadas are most famous Salted, according Patty: characterized by the use of potatoes, beef, chicken, onion, olives and chili. Some of the many “secrets” of the various Argentine empanadas is added to fill a tablespoon of vinegar to the preparation of the filling a day before – keeping you in the fridge – the preparation for empanadas, thus filling homogenised and is consistent.