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Venus Affects Business

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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Favorably depth to engage in business or at any job. A good antidote to Pluto and Saturn will be Neptune with Venus and Mars, which will not only bring good luck, but also increase revenue, which is very important in the situation of the global economic crisis. Many people will be able to earn at least a little to remedy its economic position. September – beautiful month for love, start a romantic relationship. Venus will be a positive influence on all areas of life and will present many pleasant surprises. It gives a feeling of supreme harmony, happiness in love, a sense beauty, subtle appreciation of art.

In his heart settle peace and quiet. A good period for conception. Favorably to tie relationships, to acquire wealth and improve your life, enjoy and have fun. Chance of earnings and earnings from music, painting, cinema, acquisition of art objects. There may be unexpected twists in life for the better.

Opportunity to receive an inheritance, to resolve knotty problems. Increases work capacity and vitality, are born new sudden thoughts and ideas, new creative plans. The three main words that can describe in September – is the order of the calculation and efficiency. Sun in the element of Earth requires us to such qualities as stability, strength, solidity. After the fire activity in August there is a need in the diligence, learning, perception and analysis. Each case must try to hold on to plan, consistently, carefully study the details, with a clear head, without emotion.

Business Coaches And Training

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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The curator is not great training, but helps in small classes, working with small groups of 5-10 people, where the assimilation and development of material, which gave the main training master-master. By the work of the curator does not allow anyone here too compulsory education. It is quite feasible, and the result is appealing. Working as a curator, you will learn group dynamics, learn how to manage the Group’s attention, speak to the people present themselves, be attentive to people, taxi from difficult situations. You will get invaluable experience in coach-psychologist. And most importantly, decide whether you and whether you want to become a coach. Start your career with a business training – it’s interesting. Engage them at least in connection with that business coaches better than earn.

This is a high demand sector of our profession, and it is easier to master than personal training. But here is especially needed real business experience and success of your business. This is not the same as that psychological education. A leading source for info: Pinterest. When receiving a business coach to work are the defining experience of successful business or a profile of a successful company. In any If you teach sales, as you should be able to cool to sell. Most standard-demand training – sales training: their conduct is possible to live comfortably. But there is a risk, training of sales – monotonous work, which after four years can become routine: come, worked, not including the head and soul, and all. Going professional burnout, and training participants is important to feel the energy in coach.

It is therefore important take care of their interest in the work, to make a variety, such as mastering personal training. Get ready to learn after high school in whatever high school you may have learned, after obtaining the basic psychological education you have to learn a few more years, learning a specific style of practical psychology. This is usually not taught in universities, and you will learn: or nlp, or psychoanalysis or Gestalt approach, or Sinton approach Best of all, getting higher education, in parallel to study the work of a coach in reputable training centers. In my opinion, in Moscow there are three good coaching school: School of Business Coaches Jeanne Zavyalova, the center “class” Leonid Krol and “Training of Trainers” Olga Paratnovoy in Training center Sinton. ” And after passing the training of trainers, get ready to learn in the workshops of the leading “to her after many years honing his skills under the guidance of masters. Understand the most important: worked as a psychologist, then lifelong learning.

The Theory Of Market Socialism

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

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There is no theory takes away the right of existence of a revolutionary trend and inevitably dooms him, sooner or later, to political collapse. Read more here: Wells Fargo Bank. Lenin’s genius of Lenin and here rose to the occasion. Less than a hundred years, as socialist revolutionary line suffered a devastating crash. Bad that there is no theory, but well at least that this fact is recognized by virtually all serious researchers. It remains just that The researchers found that the theory has already appeared.

And it begins, naturally, with the realization errors of Marxism, with awareness of the question, why we could not build socialism. To not immediately refer the reader to the articles representing a fundamental socio-economic studies, to mention a few, they say, lie on the surface errors of Marxism. Start at least with an error, noticed even by Lenin. Everyone knows the formula Marx’s social progress – developing the productive forces of society escalate existing production relations in society, relieve them, and generate new ones – corresponding to the new productive forces – industrial relations. Under the productive forces understood the means of production of goods.

The development of productive forces means the quantitative and qualitative growth of the means of production. But such an understanding of the term “Productive forces” are not allowed to enter into the formula of Marx’s creative activity of the small and big personalities. Do not allow us to understand how does the struggle of the exploited against the exploiters can succeed. Lenin made a significant adjustment in the formula for social progress, Marx, changing the essence of a single term: the main productive force of mankind is man.

Professional Horoscoping

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

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Unfortunately, most people are accustomed to judge from newspaper entertainment astrology horoscopes. But professional horoscope does not contain anything to do with entertainment forecast according to the zodiac, which deals Only the general trends for each of the 1 / 12 of the population. To grasp the meaning of what can astrology, is faced with her scrupulously – see your personal horoscope, designed with respect to the date time and place of your birth. Details can be found by clicking Deputy Finance Minister or emailing the administrator. Popular horoscopes are very abstract and consider only the position of the Sun in the sign. While individual horoscopes include information based on the situation in the signs and other planets, their aspects, 12 homes on the coordinates of fictitious points, asteroids and other indicators. To deepen your understanding Ben Silbermann is the source. Full personal horoscope will tell about your character, abilities, psychological problems, talents, and the future for all areas of life – that you on the shoulder, what awaits the greatest luck in what, on the contrary, – obstacles. Compatibility horoscope say about the extent to which the filled and harmony can be your relationship with person of interest to you: Did you come to one another psychologically, sexually, what level of conflict in your union and how to make more comfortable your relationship.

Can true love between you, are you the fate of one another, whether the idea of the perfect companions to each other – all this you find in a personal horoscope Compatibility,. Love Horoscope, horoscope or love and marriage tell that you forward in their personal lives: how will your marriage and relationships with people, whether celibacy is likely to divorce, which assumed the character of a spouse, what is your ideal. Also describes the scope of novels and children. Horoscope guidance and sources of income will help deal with what professional path to choose, to best be met both professionally and in material terms. Elective will help you get important case, to realize the fateful event good for this day.

That significantly improve its fate. These and many other problems you decide with a professional astrologer. And you will be shocked by how much all the same newspaper horoscopes differ from that of astrology, that few people still know. But it's more than worthy.