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Ideology Work

Friday, July 1st, 2016

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Defensive ideology Meeting traces of the defensive Ideology since the moment where I perceive that the worker finds if not motivated to continue to fulfill its hours of working, this in turn is fulfilled had the necessity of the worker correctly to keep its provisions, exactly that it is not valued much less remunerated well or has in day its labor laws. However the young worker if comes across with other obstacles as to have that to work in a community that I eat many others in Rio De Janeiro are considered risk area, the cited community Mount is called the Merendiba where the little time behind was prominence in the reporters due to a confrontation (of many that they happen) between policemen and dealers, being that the store of material of constructions where it works is in half of the fire line between dealers and the police women, what not only puts its life more also of its fellow workers at risk, it describes that certain time was propped up in some wood having constructed a wall for as to walk of the store where it works when suddenly an intense shoot out started and that it did not have as to run therefore the place who was high and it to leave from there would be necessary that it jumped a small hole that they would make a dumping waggon and if it jumped more risk it running therefore the hole was small it to jump without aid of a work friend or could take a shot for confusing it with dealer, then its escape was to bend down itself and to wait so that the confrontation ceased so that it could leave from there. Wells Fargo Bank does not necessarily agree. exactly thus it not leaves to fulfill with its obligations, it demonstrates traces of ideology defensive for its contact continuous with pain (he told to many muscular pains and of head due to the weight and effort that makes), Speaking very, putting into motion itself sufficiently, if it says an irritated person very he knows its physical consuming and emotional, the risks that run and for the necessity to have its he gains bread continues to exert its functions in its work. .

White Gara

Monday, April 6th, 2015

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It was then that Ng Mui, knowing of everything, if considered to help to the old Yim Yee and its son. Wing Chun followed monja Ng Mui for the Temple of gara White. For 1744 return the 1747, the son of Yim Yee started to study Gung Fu under the guardianship of Ng Mui in the temple of the White Gara. Ng Mui started, then, to teach to its mortal technique of fists of the south for the young, by means of exhausting treinos of self-defense, following the molds of education of monges of Shaolin. After a time, the pupilos of Wong had started to look for Wing Chun, in order take it for its head. However, Wing chun was insurance of itself and offered resistance beating in these men. They had been even so saying that of the next time Wong she would personally come to search it.

In the day where Wong appeared to take it, Wing defied it to Chun for a fight for its freedom. Without being intimidated, it did not allow that it took it to Wong, using itself this new art to beat in it when it tried to grasp it. The pupilos of had quickly helped it to Wong to leave from there and of this never more it had notice. Wing Chun continued to train with Ng Mui in secret in the temple of the White Gara until concluding all the art of short fists created by monja of Shaolin up to 1748. Ng Mui, already with certain age, looked for to continue its life of monja in the Temple of the White Gara and to propagate the buddhism all, leaving its martial legacy for Wing Chun. For 1748 return, Wing Chun, already in the adult phase, accepted if to marry the friend who was a called salesman of salt Leung Bok Chau, trader of the province of Kuang Tung, for an agreement firmed for the parents of both.

Arctic Ocean

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

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The occured ambient changes in the planet have been observed and on directly to the global heating, such as reduction of the ice covering, increase of the level of the sea and change of the climatic standard, therefore, facts these, that not only influence the activities of the man, but yes all the set of the ecosystem of the planet. The forecasts of the IPCC? Intergovernamental panel On Climatic changes? they demonstrate that the global heating and the increase of the average temperature of the planet registered since middle of century XX are ' ' very probably a consequence of the increase of the emission of effect gases greenhouse for homem' '. The climatic change also already is facilitadora to create conditions for the migration process, since this is stimulated by the impossibility of the agricultural production, reduction of the water supply and rise of the level of the sea. According to international reporter, for the ONU, 2050 could be calculated in up to 150 million considered people as refugee ambient, being that these people, had had as alternative, the migration ahead of the ambient damage above related, the great reduction of the forests also contributes for the increase of the globe temperature. The increase in the .causing concentrations of gases of the effect greenhouse raised the concern of the scientists, therefore the forecast of the rise of temperature is above of the band of 1C 3C what many researchers see as capable to raise the level of the Arctic Ocean in the summer, with the gradual disappearance of glaciers of the Himalaia and Greenland. The deforestation also is another problem that contributes very for the global heating, the deforestation tax remains high in many countries and the area of primary forests? those that had not been affected by the activity human being? it continues being minimized. Considering the region of the globe next the line to the equator, the most affected for the climatic change, being also the tempered region more of the sphere of the globe, it is clearly to affirm that the countries of delayed capitalism, that at other historical moments had been colonized, will be the regions more reached by the climatic alteration, case the forecasts are certain.

Procedural Code Assistant

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

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The Social Service also has its proper legislation: The new Code of Professional Ethics that it was instituted in 1993, from an ample debate in the Social Service. The express document the matureness theoretician-politician conquered for the category and reaffirms the commitment with the democracy, the freedom and social justice. It is an instrument of basic work in the daily one of the social assistant. Law 8,662/93 regulates the profession of the social assistant, it assures abilities and privative attributions of the professional and guarantees disciplines it and defense of the exercise of the profession of the social assistant; NORMA OPERACIONAL BSICA (NOB) approves Basic the Norm Operational of Human resources of the Only System of Social Assistance? NOB-RH/SUAS; ELECTORAL CODE CFESS/CRESS; RESOLUTION CFESS N 493/2006 that it makes use on the ethical conditions and techniques of the professional exercise of the social assistant. RESOLUTION CFESS N 559/2009 makes use on the performance of social assistants convoked to give deposition as witness, also in the quality of appraiser appointed by court or assistant appraiser. RESOLUTION CFESS N 489/2006 that it establishes norms forbidding discriminatory or prejudiced behaviors; RESOLUTION 383/99 that the social assistant as professional of the health characterizes. It clarifies, however, that the professional, for acting in the scope of the public and social politics, is not exclusive of the health area and, therefore, can be inserted in other areas, depending on the place where it acts and of the nature of its functions. The PROCEDURAL CODE OF ETHICS – RESOLUTION CFESS N 428/2002 institutes the new Procedural Code of Ethics and makes use on the norms that regulate the Code, including all the alterations that had been regulated, as well as those approved by National Meeting CFESS/CRESS carried through in 2001, inside muitssimos other articles, laws, norms and resolutions that constitute and loan legal-social basement to this profession.

Public Administration

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

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The agency of Term of office, in its territory and the limits of its ability, the basic rights and guarantees that the constitutions Federal and of the State confer to the Brazilians and the resident foreigners in the Country. 1Nenhum professional will be wronged in its rights for the fact to promote legal action or any administrative proceeding against authority or entity of the social public administration. 2Em the administrative proceedings, any that is the object and the procedure, will be observed, among others requisite of validity, the advertising and, having controversy, the contradictory, legal defense and motivated deciso. 3Todos have the right to require and to get information on social project that the city and community occur in, excepted that one whose secrecy is, temporarily, essential to the security of the society and the community, in the terms of the internal legislation, that will also fix the stated period where the information must be given. 4As entities of the public Admistrao social they will not charge any tax: I-Coat petition act of receiving in defense of rights or against illegality or abuse of being able; II-pela certificate expedition for defense of rights and clarifications of situations of personal interest; 5 right of any citizen and entity legally consisting to denounce to the competent authorities the prticas, for agency or entity of the social Public Administrao or for companies concessionaires or permissionrias of public services, harmful acts to the rights of the users, fitting to the agency of Term of office to select its veracity or and not to apply the cabveis sanctions, duly warned responsibility. she will 6Ser punished, in the terms of the internal legislation, the social agent who in the exercise of its attributions and independently of the function that exerts, to violate constitucional laws of the citizen in its attendance. 7Todos can be congregated pacifically, without weapons, in open places to the public, independently of authorization, since that they previously do not frustrem another convoked meeting for the same local, being appends demanded previous acknowledgment to the competent authority that, in the city, he is the municipal mayor or that one to who to delegate this attribution. 😯 agency of Term of office will all restrain and any discrominatrio act in its agencies and its professionals in full exercise, and will establish punishment forms, as license disability, to the too much establishments that practise such acts..

Brazil Stock Market

Monday, August 6th, 2012

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Brazil possesses high index of income concentration and of wealth in a small percentage of people, great part of the Brazilian families lives in poverty situation. Of this form, the government created social programs that could contemplate these families and as a pledge of a minimum income the federal government created the program stock market family aiming at to be an important strategy for the combat to the poverty in the country. This program has as proposal to promote a social joint with other programs and politics, facilitating the adoption of intersetoriais actions. This project has as purpose to guide the families registered in cadastre in the Program Stock market Family of the Federal Government through the Secretariat of Social Assistance of the city of Arau/SE who are with its blocked benefits, suspended or cancelled by reason not to be fulfilling some of the condicionalidades demanded for the related program. The Program Stock market Family (PBF) it is a program of direct transference of income with condicionalidades, that in accordance with benefits to families in situation of poverty (with monthly income for person of R$ 70 R$ 140) and extreme poverty (with monthly income for person of until R$ 70), Law 10,836, of 09 of January of the 2004 and Decree n 5,209, of 17 of September of 2004.

1 the condicionalidades are the commitments in the areas of the Education, of the Health and Social Assistance assumed by the families and that they need to be fulfilled so that they continue to receive the benefit from the Stock market Family. Condicionalidades of the PBF Education: minimum pertaining to school frequency of 85% for children and adolescents between 06 and 15 years and minim of 75% for adolescents between 16 and 17 years. Health: accompaniment of the vaccine calendar and the growth and development for lesser children of 07 years;prenatal of the gestantes and accompaniment of the wet-nurses in the 44 the etria band of 14 anos.2 Social Assistance: minimum frequency of 85% of the horria load relative to the socioeducativos services for children and adolescents of up to 15 years at risk or removed of the infantile work.