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Coaching Skills

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

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Today, competition among business coaches more important than ever: a reduction were even leading specialists and heads of departments of education, dozens of professionals offer their services to companies. Companies, in turn, not in a hurry with a choice of coaches expect a lot, very much. Coach today – more than the "master training", is a competent consultant for staff development, capable of complex crisis inspire employees energize, build not only skills but also the installation to succeed. One of the most effective technologies in this direction is the coaching. On what skills a coach and why you need a business coach, says Director of Training Center Business Coaches "TrenerPROFI" Galina Eliseeva in an interview with Marina SHORETS – a certified coach, business coach, psychologist, author and host of "coaching tool in the C PERSONNEL.

" GE: What skills are needed coaches coach? Where and how can he use them? M.Sh.: Any coach is already a coach – he proposes to develop new techniques by which you can reach your goals faster and with less costs. A good coach is different from the bad so that in addition to new information, it inspires you to act. After coaching – training the chances that you will start to act in new ways, overcome the inertia of old habits much above. GE: A friend of mine called the work of his coach's "magic pendelem." And said: "I'm going to … get the magic pendel." What do you think he meant? M.Sh.: Most people recognize that the most difficult thing is not set goals, and not to write a program to achieve them.