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Johannes Koch

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

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As value creator, he must recognize new ways and means for the company and at the same time consistently search for savings. He is strategic leadership and must fill the role of IT Manager at the same time. However no contradiction there is in this role-pairs. They rather cover the tactical and strategic needs of the CIO and complement each other so. Versatility is decisive for whether a CIO may or may not allow for innovation and growth. CIOs are now executives who play a crucial role when it comes to the power of innovation and growth, and that regardless of the size of the company”so Johannes Koch, global technology services leader IBM Austria. The views of Austria, Germany and the Switzerland, however, shows”so cooking continues, that the role of the visionary international is lived more than ours.

The change happened so not all over the place. She must start at the top management level. Because only If a strategic leadership role is assigned to the CIO, he can exploit fully its potential for business growth.” The study also confirms the CIOs work management in the German-speaking countries still judged classic criteria. Shows about the Swiss result, that the most important criteria are the cost efficiency (47 percent answers), the stability of technical support (47 percent) and smooth project execution (43 percent). *) it is also catching up on the business-IT alignment, so the alignment of the IT strategy with the business strategy as a basis for the assessment of the CIOs.

In the Switzerland, this performance appraisal at about 17 percent is carried out while she internationally has already done to 33 percent. As today’s biggest challenge for CIOs is according to the study in the proper analysis and interpretation of existing data as a basis for business decisions. Business intelligence is by CIOs mentioned most frequently as the subject, from their point of view in the next few years for the competitiveness of the company will be crucial. This also applies to the German-speaking world. Topics such as virtualization, risk management and compliance are in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland below on the CIO agenda in the international comparison. “The global results of the study of the new voice of the CIO” to do this, see press/us/en/pressrelease/28314.wss. “The study’s authors distinguish the company of the surveyed CIOs in high growth”and low growth”. These percentages refer to responses from CIOs from Swiss high growth “-businesses.”