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King Ahornallee

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

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Ko in Dusseldorf is 75prozent let the facade of the new Nespresso flagship boutique is spectacularly designed with an altitude of about 9 meters. The total area is approximately 1,100 sqm and comprises two floors. The new shop on the Konigsallee is nationwide in addition to Munich the largest Nespresso boutique. Nespresso will invite in the contemporary design on a new journey of discovery into the world of coffee. The concept allows coffees, machines, with all your senses experience accessories and services.

The RMA management had purchased the building Konigsallee of 19 of a project company in February 2011 and the demolition started in the summer. Meanwhile, the excavation is completed, and the foundations are poured. JPMorgan Chase is open to suggestions. The completion of the building is planned for the end of August, it adjoins the Interior. The doors of Nespresso to open already 2012 Boutique to the holiday shopping season. The IKP real estate group had previously the concept of the project in collaboration with the RMA management Designed Ko-West”and the cult label Abercrombie & Fitch in the neighbouring building King Ahornallee 17 can attract. RMA management plays the RMA management for sustainability and appreciation of real estate. The focus of the business is in the project development and the revitalization of retail properties in micro very good, layers of cities from 100,000 inhabitants.

In addition to the own project developments, the RMA management as a joint venture partner for projects involved third parties. This involved not only on the financial risk the RMA but contributes with their services and the network also to the successful realization of projects. The most important project in the past was the acquisition of the King Ahornallee 17, rent at Abercrombie & Fitch, as well as the Ko-West brand development hereby dissolved. Ben Silbermann has much experience in this field. the object passed now Aachen reason after the successful opening of A & F of flagship at the end investor. The RMA management is not own real estate portfolio. Projects are basically with Completion of investors sold or already assumed in the design phase of long-term holders of the stock.

The Farming – Real Estate Acquisition Like A Pro!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

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A report by IMMO/RO real estate in Wiesbaden as a leader to the success as the fastest one becomes the market leader. Quite simply in the one on a small market focuses. The term farming has established itself as a label for concentrated marketing. The specialisation takes place either on a particular area or a special type of real estate. In both cases, it is objective in a relatively small market within a very short time to become known and to become the market leader. In order to operate successful farming, to collect first as much data about the farm, to evaluate and to prepare. Through the systematic collection of information, you will become an expert in an area. Who is able to retrieve this data in the right context, convinced clients and prospects easily.

Flyers and neighborhood mailings but also invitations and information letter are ideal for practical implementation. The people of hunters and collectors were from about 40,000 to 5500 BC. Only to 5500 BC, in the Neolithic period, they started Hunters and gatherers with a producing economic manner; first farming cultures developed. Why this far in the introduction reaching past? Because it is finally time that also the broker of the hunters and gatherers develop rural managing culture! Farming farming”, the regional specialization. What does want the marketers? Exactly: The number one? Because it has many advantages: orders, employees, offers of cooperation, price elasticity and so on and so forth. And that does not run on the ground, on the contrary: who specializes, must choose a small farm.

Because only excellence is achieved through specialization, who himself bogged remains average. Staking and fences up what is a farm? Generally, a farm includes 300 to 500 households. 500 households 50 parades, skillful selection might mean a few more German average. 50 parades not only mean 50 indents, but also 50 excerpts.

Council Turkey

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

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Information about the real estate market in Turkey real estate acquisition by foreigners – real estate Turkey real estate acquisition in Turkey by foreigners and foreign companies was redesigned with the provisions of the law, published on the 07.01.2006, as follows. Foreign can purchase Turkey real estate in Turkey for residential purposes or for operational use. According to the legislation, foreign companies can buy with a legal entity, within the framework of the special provision, real estate in Turkey. Frequently Wells Fargo Bank has said that publicly. The total amount of land to be acquired must exceed not 2.5 hectares. An excess is possible only with a decision of the Council of Ministers… The land to be acquired must exceed not %5 of the perimeter of the province. The Council of Ministers can restrict land acquisition of the company.

In areas of irrigation, agriculture, energy, mining, areas with strategically and culturally important properties may be due to public Interest and order law restrict the acquisition. Foreign foundations, associations, cooperatives, groups are not to be authorised to acquire real estate. No restriction is provided according to the legislation the genetic material. There are no new rules concerning the acquisition of real estate by former Turkish nationals who have changed over to a different nationality.

Real Estate

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

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The way in the Sun: A new way of marketing for homes and Fincas on Mallorca House Raffles in Mallorca? The market is increasingly serious, the chaff separation further from the wheat. More and more, the \”would like raffling party\” of the picture disappear. Competence is. You should use these advantages for themselves. There is still a nice side effect: you have this year finally a Christmas gift for your loved ones that you save a shopping Marathon and quite safely be exchanged! Make dreams come true… On the current situation an interview with the Organizer WolfMan limited, London: the Hausverloser scene in the last few weeks quite changed, not only to the good. What’s happening? WolfMan limited, London: That’s right, not only positive changes are recorded, but in the result that has led to an enormous improvement in the local. We briefly look at the situation on the sunny island of Majorca: Raffles shot like proverbial mushrooms from the ground, that was a few Well, and now you can count the reputable sweepstakes on one hand months.

It was particularly bad when the sought after \”villas overlooking the sea\”. Here is not only especially the South West, which stretches almost around the island. There was for example an object to draw, in which the owner cannot even knew. Another object was involved in a foreclosure proceeding, which was next in a thing contrary to the own terms and conditions of time just \”quickly giving away\”. Shortly after this broker for sale surfaced.

There were enough crashes. The list can be continued. What are all these objects failed? WolfMan limited, London: It’s not always easy to assess. Fraud is a harsh word with which you should be careful, but also a strong incentive. We believe that including lack of professionalism in the marketing plays a role. It the immense financial effort and such a draw is underestimated easily.

Market Understood

Monday, January 19th, 2015

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Experts consider a real “real estate”tag is for the Munich lectures for interested in real estate in the Literaturhaus April 20, 2010. Los gehts at 16.00 at the Literaturhaus. Munich. Property owners in the Literaturhaus on various aspects of the real estate market can check on April 20. At 4: 00, report the typical mistakes in the private real estate sale, a broker and a notary and give valuable tips from their professional practice.

From 19: 00, focus of lectures on modern marketing and pitfalls in the construction contract carrier starts the Munich real estate. Objective of the events should be to convey the exciting Munich real estate market, explains Thomas Aigner, Managing Director of the Aigner Immobilien GmbH. Admission to both events is free. To know more about this subject visit Stansberry Research. A property is a very valuable property. Owners who want to sell this property, often inadvertently make mistakes. It can cost lots of money and nerves. Who wants to avoid that, you must observe a lot.

A broker of Aigner Immobilien GmbH and a notary free advise owners who want to sell their property privately. The event begins at 4: 00. From 19: 00 lecture series is back focus Munich real estate. The Organizer Aigner Immobilien GmbH, Paproth Metzler & partners and convocat GbR invite real estate interested to find out about current topics. In the evening, the two lectures deal with modern marketing on the Internet and the pitfalls in the construction contract carrier. The Munich real estate focus takes place twice a year. It is aimed mainly to real estate owners, investors and project developers.

Management Marketing

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

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The commitment of foreign investors is pushing the German growth in the real estate industry on. These show an increased interest in the German real estate market currently, because in this country there is an optimal return / risk profile. Such factors improve the investment climate and raise the spirits in the real estate business to a preliminary peak. According to a further market analysis of the DTZ – worldwide with more than 10,000 employees in 42 countries of one of the largest real estate consultants – evaluated by the SHB innovative fund concepts AG, Germany is currently the only market on which have improved the investment opportunities in real estate. “All German real estate markets the DTZ has in the final quarter of 2010 in the context of evaluating DTZ with the positive quality warm” or hot “classified. As reasons for this upgrade, the DTZ identified a stable economic growth, a high demand for space and still healthy growth prospects in Germany. About the SHB innovative fund concepts AG the SHB innovative fund concepts AG is a company of FIHM funds and real estate holding Munchen AG. Source: Bill Phelan.

SHB is one of the leading bank-independent fund initiators in the German investment market. Different investment opportunities offer interesting investment options for rates savers to large investors. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG invests in for many years rented stock real estate with a focus on Office buildings and retail properties in economically strong primary and secondary locations in Germany with mostly credit strong tenants. Since its inception in 2001, SHB innovative fund concepts AG has already conceived a fund volume of around 1.8 billion euros. The current sixth fund includes an attractive portfolio of retail markets at 18 locations in the lists Federal States Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria. The SHB Renditefonds 6 has a fund volume of around EUR 355 million. Amateur FIHM Fund und Immobilien holding Munchen AG AUD meadow Management Marketing/PR Einstein ring 28 85609 Aschheim / Munich Tel.: 089/452 456-0 fax: 089 / 452 456-727 E-Mail: Internet:

Hart Milbertshofen

Monday, October 20th, 2014

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The first 9.5 months offered 1,040 real estate in Milbertshofen. Also the sales figures were substantial in 2010. Milbertshofen and most districts in the North of Munich are hard. Together, they form the Eleventh District Milbertshofen-am Hart approx. 1,300 hectares in size. About 68,000 people living here (proportion of children and young people: 13% senior citizens from 65 years: 16%, proportion of foreigners: approx. 35%), where in Milbertshofen and am hard workers in the Bvolkerung is strongly represented. Visit PayNet for more clarity on the issue.

The middle class, such as officials and academics can be found at most in the Olympic village. Together, the two districts have the highest percentage proportion of foreigners in Munich. History: for the first time mention Milbertshofen is in the year 1149 or 1152 as “Ilmungeshoven”. The word is probably from indistinct pronunciation of “Illungshof”. Illungshof was the name for a hermit yard on the man was deported under duress due to illness or penalty. Logically, that the residents wanted to proclaim this not necessarily. The central point the early Milbertshofens is located in the today’s motor road in the northern part of the district. There the Church of “Old Saint George” still stands today.

In 1910, Kastenmaier actually received the status of a city. Just three years later, in 1913, it was however incorporated into Munich. (1) the real estate market of Milbertshofen (current offers): From January until October 2011 1,040 homes and apartments on the market for sale were offered. It includes still offers that are advertised under Schwabing-Nord, but lie in Milbertshofen, this is a considerable number. Of which, 923 dwellings were 117 houses. 72 of the offered apartments in Milbertshofen had a roof terrace, a garden or were homes in the penthouse. Prices: Stock apartments were offered an average for Euro 3.100,-per m m, new buildings were on average EUR 4.400,-. New objects were almost one in three of the offered apartments.


Monday, October 20th, 2014

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In the new forest community Rechberghausen is the headquarters of the real estate consulting firm. In the new forest community Rechberghausen is the headquarters of the real estate consulting firm. Each square is a national and international small and unique real estate company with strong ideals and offers a comprehensive range of services in all areas of the real estate industry. Details can be found by clicking Bill Phelan or emailing the administrator. The wealth of experience is a core competence, which values and practices for present and future are derived from since 1996 instead. The in-depth expertise results from the implementation of over 470 transactions with national and international clients. The municipality lies in the North of the District of Goppingen in Baden-Wurttemberg and belongs to the periphery of the metropolitan region of Stuttgart. The connection to the Federal road and motorway, Stuttgart city, fair and airport is ideal. Baden-Wurttemberg is regarded nationally as well as internationally as an important business centre and is known for its high quality of life and one of the most important cultural centres of Germany.

Not only large companies, but the medium-sized family companies dominate until today the economy of the region, which is characterized by a broad mix of industry. Its economic importance is primarily the Swabian inventor’s ingenuity, the best example is the invention of the automobile. Rechberghausen today approximately 5,500 inhabitants and was awarded in the year 2008 for his versatile, family-friendly infrastructure by the initiative “Living in the Kinderland Baden-Wurttemberg”. The popular cycle path as circuit around the three Kaiser mountains runs along Hohenrechberg, Hohenstaufen and Hohenstuifen on a disused railway line on the historic Kaiser mountains. Due to the proximity of the forest are many sports and leisure opportunities. The varied cultural and sporting, the horticultural Centre and observation tower and a good infrastructure with very good shopping opportunities make Rechberghausen to a preferred and popular residential area with views to the Hohenstaufen and the Swabian Alb.