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The Story


Calmly think and say a number of topics like a The mencall or a the women inevitably leads or a both men go together, etc. One of the first things I usually ask my patients when they begin psychotherapy is that in a notebook, aimed quickly and spontaneously, all the phrases that come to mind them. This is a simple way locating beliefs, without being aware of them govern our lives. If you’re reading me, is that you were born into a family where you have said a look child, you have to be a good person, because for four days that will live a … and I was born another family where I always have said a this is a world of wolves and who hits first hits twice …

a . And who is right of the two: you or me? As the two. You have a the crystal glasses of kindness and tolerance and I have the fight and aggression. For more information see this site: suna said maslin. Here’s another example: Some years ago, I had a patient who could not play a single euro to anything. I felt a lot of anxiety and aversion to gambling. It seemed a bit ridiculous but it was unable to overcome. His reason he said he could play, but the blockade was beyond his strength and that fight caused him tremendous suffering. To make you short the story, it turns out that digging into the family of origin, we found that its great-grandfather had played and lost all the family fortune, which was great.