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Mostly Martha


After returning to spend a sleepless night almost since he had been sleeping only a couple of hours, got up early to go to conduct business. When he arrived he found a crowd of people. Never occurred to him to imagine that so many people thinking of emigrating there. That gave a certain sense of security. "If so many people want to try, she thought should not be such a bad idea.

He spoke with everyone he could, obtaining this way, be aware of many things that did not. Almost all were very well informed, so eagerly received everything he explained. It was a very profitable tomorrow. When he returned home, he said it was time to talk with their parents. He could no longer dilate further conversation.

He guessed that it would be difficult and it was. First they told what had happened that day that would be etched in their memories forever. Her parents were stunned. It was knew so many years that Ronaldo and Marta, who could not believe what I was telling Mabel. After a few minutes Mabel took a deep breath and told her parents about the decision to leave the country. The parents were in complete disagreement with the decision of Mabel. Neither one, felt that, for a broken heart, her daughter was out of his hand. They had no family in Spain. Using this medication it discover that drugstore cialis viagra will treatable in all age groups. levitra sale buying that This action increases nitric oxide that boosts blood circulation. Likewise, insomnia can also be detected cheap cialis by following certain parameters during the examination. Who knows what extent this buy cialis to the problem of impotence. None known. What would make your daughter there? It was still very young. Had just turned 21, a week ago. But they had become aware that his daughter was of age, and could not stop it by force. That was a very determined little person and when I decided something changed his mind easily. It took three months to finish all the preparations that allowed him to leave for Madrid. During that time he flatly refused to receive her ex-boyfriend and her friend. Nor never answered the phone. His mother had strict orders to communicate to both, which she did not want to exchange words either. After a while they stopped trying. Before leaving they left a letter telling them the pain he had caused both had been terrible, and even greater disappointment, but nevertheless forgave them. Did not want to take away the bitterness, he preferred to feel that although he had a hard time, had managed to find forgiveness in his heart. But this was made clear that I did not want any contact with them in the future. Mostly Martha had wanted it clear that he could not go back to being her friend would never, under any circumstances. He had lost the trust and respect and were two things can not be recovered. He clarified that he could see that Ronaldo had fallen into his arms in a moment of depression or despondency, but he could not understand their attitude. We wanted, however, find peace and happiness in their future lives. '.