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Economy Prices

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

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Dunhill' , ' Vogue' and ' Rothmans' they will lower between 0.10 and 0.15 Euros. The company says that no longer there is margin for more reductions. The measurement follows the war of prices triggered by Philip Morris. British American Tobacco (BAT) has decided to maintain the price of its main cigarette marks invariable " Lucky Strike" and " Pall Mall" and to fit to the loss, between 0.10 and 0.15 Euros, the price of his second marks like " Dunhill" , " Vogue" and " Rothmans". Sources of the company indicated that no longer there is more margin for new slopes and it will only have raised if the Government decides to modify the tax structure or to realise some increase. BAT " planta" thus before the slope of prices triggered by Philip Morris and followed by Altadis, when not being able to reduce plus his marks it stars.

The war of prices in which are the tabaqueras the past triggered 19 of May, after the decision of Philip Morris to lower the price of its main marks, a cut that ctuado are, later, in two occasions more. This war of prices supposes losses not only for the tabaqueras companies, but also for the estanqueros, have based that them in 37 million Euros. The estanqueros have asked for the Ministry of Economy that in the middle increases to point the commission to them that they perceive by the tobacco sale, until 9%. These reductions of prices will also suppose a cut in the collection of the Be in favor of special taxes that affect the tobacco. Source of the news: British American maintains the price of ' Lucky' and ' Pall Mall' and it reduces his second marks

Hotmail Service

Monday, June 29th, 2015

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The new eyelash of Hotmail allows to end received post office Spam from friendly accounts. (Not to be confused with Pinterest!). In his period of tests it has received thousands of information of accounts it jeopardize. Also it is possible to be realised with accounts of mail like Yahoo and Gmail. The Hotmail service is addition a new eyelash in its menu with which it allows to denounce robbed friendly accounts so that the Spam shipment of or mail nonwished cannot be used for. This news has been published by Micrsoft in his blog official of Live Windows. Blog indicates that the robbery of accounts on the part of ciberdelincuentes is a great problem, since they are used to send Spam. In order to avoid this new tool in hotmail has been created it, so that if a user receives a mail of this type of the account of a friend can does click in the menu " to mark como" and to indicate " my friend has been hackeado" .

Once denounced the fact by means of this system, the account no longer can be used by spammers and the friend with the affected account must go to the habitual system of recovery of the same to accede again to his control. The company on watch of electronic mail indicates that this application has been in tests weeks and have received thousands of information of accounts it jeopardize reason why they have decided abrir the warnings to other suppliers of electronic mail like Yahoo and Gmail. In addition, to increase the security of the accounts, Hotmail it will prevent that the access passwords are very simple and will ask its users with this type of key change who it. Source of the news: The Hotmail service allows to denounce accounts of user robbed and to avoid therefore the Spam