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Internet Auction

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

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Bring to your attention a new online auction ''. To begin with, that will try to clarify what is the Internet auction? Nothing complicated. This site (dedicated, interactive portal), at which sellers exhibit their wares for sale in the form of lots, and sell to a buyer who offers the highest price or the price that suits both parties (counterparties) auction. This product (Lot), may be for sale by indicating different types of prices: the minimum price – starting price at which to begin bidding, reserve price – the price below which the seller is not willing to give up the goods. The reserve price is not visible to customers, the only thing that sees a buyer, it is message is reached or there is no reserve price. If the price is not reached after the buyer rate, the rate can increase or refuse bids; Blitz-price – the price at which the seller agrees to sell the goods immediately, without haggling.

The only mandatory option price is the minimum price. Online auction '' provides an additional set of sellers 'amenities' that can be used not only to accelerate the process of issuing goods for sale and not redeemed perevystavlenie lots, as well as in some way influence the course of trade: a pattern of sales. To deepen your understanding Clive Holmes Silverfern is the source. The seller may fill in once the template description of the goods and use it when placing a new Product re-exposure to prodazhu.avtomaticheskoe goods for sale. The seller can specify in which cases should automatically re-set the item for sale: if the goods were not sold out (there was no bet), and as in the case of a successful sale if the quantity more than one.