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Monday, January 12th, 2015

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The other day reading a letter from N, which contains the 'Code of the most important rules that are necessary for the performance of advisers and dealer centers of the Company. " Here is one of the items: 'The consultant shall not transmit, communicate, and recommend that customers who are not registered in the Company's own personal room with a view to providing a distribution service discounts to dealers. Distributor discount is a reward which company provides consultant for: product promotion, presentations, consulting and informing the customer of the Company's products, product delivery at convenient time and place; maintenance Customer (calls, letters, gifts for the holidays, order documentation, etc.) 'Just remember one conversation with a dear person to me on this topic. She felt many of my friends, because they just shy away Network Marketing. Her idea was that the networkers their products are encouraged only to distribution costs. Otherwise it will be unconscionable profiteering 'on their'! That's what I think about this: What do they ('his') prevents also register with the Company, to at least enjoy the discount? I did it, putting something. Relying on service for my account, my friends, thus, do not strive to whether to cash in on me? And in mlm do not usually come just like that, nothing else to do, often there are those who are looking to make money. And the first earnings coming after all direct sales. Once I noticed that my husband goes to the store, not that close, or offers a product with discounts, and which belongs to my brother. Order parts from his friend, even though they have to wait a little longer. Prefer to use different services from their friends, not expecting discounts and clearly while recognizing that He brings them profit, and thus helps them amicably. All this I told her then. After some time, she hinted that it was not right. What do you think about this?

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

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An interesting question is where the mlm company take the money to pay commissions to distributors? The funds opened by saving them not only to the intermediary chain, but also on the purchase of street posters, advertisements in the media and periodicals. Multi-level marketing, from its very inception, has formed a very "warm" ties with the masses. information. In the quotes, of course. How the media can criticize MLM-business. To know more about this subject visit Deputy Finance Minister. Directors of television and print all sorts of unsightly network for 2 reasons: 1. Firms are not bought television and print advertising. They build their business around, cutting off the media and intermediaries. Function of their carry people, and faster and better than advertising to the masses. 2. Multilevel marketing on your nerves, and other means. Building your own business in mlm (which is a significant percentage of the population) diverted to the device's own life. They were not up to newspapers and broadcasts. As a result, the authority of the media is falling, and time and advertising space for the benefit of advertisers are becoming cheaper. So what is the ratio of press to the mlm companies is quite logical and explicable. If you have had business, you would have liked the competition, when you take away customers? And Director of the tv channels do not want to travel to work by public transport

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

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I am confident that you are doing this! For example, you decided to see the new film, which is now shown at the cinema. You bought a ticket to get into the hall, bought popcorn and a drink. But it does not matter because the movie was excellent and you liked it very much. And then what? Then you go home, on his way to meet friends and tell them that they simply must go to this movie. Excellent sound system, comfortable chairs, etc. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is the source for more interesting facts. Your friends, of course, went to the cinema, bought tickets, popcorn and .Na next day on the job you are told about the film colleagues and colleagues have gone to this theater. Bought a ticket, popcorn and drinks.

Movies they liked and they are now also tell your friends about this movie. At the end of the month theater director said: 'Wow, how many people came to this film we made good publicity, but still most of these people came to my theater on your recommendation. If not for you, they never would have bought tickets and everything else. So Given this situation, I decided to write you a check for your services on advertising my theater. " It happens in real life? Of course not! In real life you do not receive a penny.

But you had a theater service. With your network marketing, the owner received a handsome profit. You just do not pay for it. So why so many people relate negatively to network marketing? All because they associate Network Marketing with the Finance Piramidoy.Finansovye pyramid and network marketing – to mix the two concepts, dumping them in one pile, is not entirely correct. In the case of Ponzi scheme holds only cash flows and their redistribution among project participants, whereas in network marketing priority is to promote a product (service). However, in practice more than 90 so-called MLM-structures of the Internet are nothing more than a veiled financial pyramids, where the goods as it is present, but plays no independent role, and only need to cover Sense of civilized Network Marketing or mlm, by Western standards, is – in the creation of Network consumers! That is, in a particular MLM-project involves people who are actively using this product, which he genuinely likes and then go sell them other products and building a network of referrals. That's what Network Marketing is civilized. In Russia, in mlm come solely in order to build the network and nothing more is not doing to get dibs. In the best case – a lot to sell a product using a little (or no using) it yourself. With its head raised the principle. It is for this reason that virtually all mlm on Russian soil very quickly degenerate into banal question pyramid and collapse – just a matter of time Of active personal using the services of the mlm – the company where you work, no one thinks! From this it follows that if you find a product that requires a lot of people, and they will enjoy themselves every day and promote it using direct recommendations, ie on the principle of network marketing, the project built on the promotion of such product will be very profitable. And if this product still has the 'high frequency of purchase' ie finished product, take the money and buy it again and again, day after day, at the same firm, it is the perfect product. What may be the product?

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

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The more the better. Also, apparently, all right, but why, as if the product is good and honest business, not all achieve such results on earnings, as it should Having Personal experience in the networking company, I can say with certainty that the cause of one! Statistics and again statistics! Since you decided to do network business, you need to play by his rules. Based on the foregoing, conclusion arises. The more people in your network, the greater your earnings. Well, here has a feature! It is important not just to draw people into the project, it is important to make it into the pros, devotees of the company and product, and if lucky then marketing plan. Here is how then guess who will remain a customer, but who eventually goes into the category of your business partners? Yes way! There are many opinions about the quantity and quality of involvement. Some monsters Network say that the sign "everything that moves", others believe that it is necessary to sign only one who is ripe for a serious approach. I do not know who is right, but I do know that the statistics, are stubborn things. Want to succeed in network – go and copa! That is, saying the Russian language – speak to anyone who meet on your way. Without solving for the man in advance! Just tell us what you do as you are an interesting and profitable to all. He will choose myself! Oh! by the way remembered another mistake beginners. His friends at first, they tell is not about how much they interested in this project or product, but they say the person that he is exactly should! Imagine that at this moment thinking people who are trying to draw! He immediately rejected it and now everything is lost to you forever! The moral is: if you want to find more like-minded people, then get ready for everyday work. At least 25 invitations a day always only speak for myself! And of course learn to hear the needs of man, that he should be useful to his proposal. I hope you realize, why do not all reach such staggering success in online business. Early give up and say that you did not take place in this business. There is a purpose-the result is bound to be!