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International Relations

Monday, November 16th, 2015

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It is not possible to be ignored the economic, commercial openings that in the present the Asian giant has initiated with the Latin American region. As Prof. Riordan Roett indicates us, from the Masters in International Relations of IE Business educational School and of Political Science de Johns Hopkins, China has arisen like a super ones to be able economic global. Now it is the second greater national economy of the world. It is the second exporting major. The country owns the majors foreign currency reserves and the greater surplus by current account. During last the thirty years and until this China year has grown to an average rate of 10%. On the contrary, Latin America has grown much more slowly.

She is less competitive generally. It continues being very employee of the mineral exports of raw materials and. The prices of these products are determined internationally and the Latin American governments have very little control on the fixation of prices; the fluctuations make difficult that the Ministers of Finances or the Central banks plan on the basis of a stable flow of foreign resources. Roett, indicates, that China still must raise several challenges in Latin America, or is to banks or manufacturing companies. Until now most important it has been the extraction of natural resources. In the future it could have major competition, but until the moment it has not existed adds on the matter, that is due to take into account, that the bilateral commerce between China and Latin America will reach the 100,000 million dollars in 2010, a very feasible goal according to mentioned Chinese analysts today by " Newspaper of the Pueblo". " He is absolutely factible" , it thought the Chinese analyst Jiang Shixue, assistant director of the Institute of Latin America of the Academy China de Social Ciencias.

Web Marketing

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

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If you want to generate free traffic to your business MLM, it’s best to prospecting through social networks. It is one of the ways more modern reach not only the internet generation, but any casual user. The internet marketing, is the version of the 21st century of what before was called the promotion word of mouth. Robert Kiyosaki may help you with your research. Social marketing offers the benefit of using the personal language to promote your MLM business. Services more effective and popular social marketing are: twitter, facebook and myspace, and others. Thanks to the social marketing your MLM can be promoted for free. Similar to the MLM which is based on relationships and networks of users, it is important that those who want to promote their business opportunities through social networks have the ability to continue with the talks with their fans, friends. Advantages of online marketing and marketing socialEl marketing conventional online, in the last 10 years has helped many people improve their online and offline businesses.

In these last 2 years, social media marketing is that better results is giving. Getting friends is the most difficult of social network marketing. Social marketing, is a new tool that uses the services of social networks to enhance your presence online. Companies sometimes invest in the handling of the presence, which includes online marketing and the presence in social networks. Do imagine if their MLM businesses are viewed by hundreds of people in a social network? Social marketing is inexpensive to operate but incredibly productive for your business, and in moments of low sales, is the only model that survives. Understand the marketing strategies, and build a network of contacts for your MLM business. The potential benefit that your business can obtain a firm’s marketing strategy through social networks, is hard to ignore. Social marketing is a new marketing concept, since it only has a couple of years.

Thanks to social marketing, you enjoyed of more focused towards your site traffic, will increase your incoming links, and is going to improve its relationship with the customer and better positioning of your brand. For promote your MLM business, you should think about the social marketer for a proper internet marketing strategy. Social networking and social marketing is what more is using and should learn it now! For multilevel business, have even developed Web of social networks that are for prospecting people, where you can create a profile and add to your prospects as friends and go update your MLM business through your network. These social networks have special options for MLM. Consider studying on the subject, because their MLM businesses get the boost they needed. Do you haven’t joined any company MLM MLM? Do you want to learn the secrets and succeed? Still not alcanzaste to sell anything, or did not earn enough to be able to quit your job? Learn everything you need to know to be an expert in MLM, and make thousands of people want to be in your network.


Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

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You are owner of a company and are trying to increase the visibility of your business. For this intention it is fundamental to use the publication of video in Internet. Every day esteem that billions of videos are seen by people worldwide in sites like YouTube and DailyMotion, which is the main reason as far as the importance of the commercialization of video. You need another reason to use marketing with videos online? Sixty percent of all the traffic that flows through Internet bases on video. This number will continue growing as it spends the time. There am a good reason here to consider the type of campaign and other forms of marketing communications.

Another fundamental fact of the importance of the video and its present and immediate future, are the moving bodies. Every day increases the number of moving bodies that allow to unload a video in a message, and so video at any moment can be seen. A time back, the reasons of not aplizar ” multimedia” in a company (too expensive equipment, the programs too much difficult to learn, the necessity to contract additional resources) could have been valid. The times have changed and the companies, it does not concern of that trains, must change with them. The costs of equipment and programs used for the video edition have fallen drastically, whereas the trustworthiness and ease of use have improved much. YouTube, social mass media and the cloud computation have become position of the Web and the companies, independent of their size, have the necessity to capitalize and to take advantage of these advances for their benefit. Blogs and Twitter are more and more important, but you do not forget the video, audio and presentations.

Cisco says that in 2013 the video will be the 90 percent of all the traffic of Internet, the 60 movable percent. The barrier of entrance to the video production is almost null. In range low everything what it is needed is a camera Web and a gratuitous account in YouTube or, for example, TweetTube. A step forward is to add some basic titles or to realise simple editions in Windows Movie Maker. variety of able computer science programs for the edition of video by less than 100 is incredible and quite still simple to use. In a more professional level, the Suite Adobe CS4 in PC or Mac and Final Cut Studio in Mac are incredible. Although they are not cheap, its price is in 1500 – 2000, the power within these applications is remarkable. Hardly 10 years ago, its price was between 25,000 – 50,000 for an edition system for the computer, besides special cards of video. Now a system can be bought several more powerful times, a complete suite of software, all the off-the-shelf, by zero less and publishing like a professional. The video cameras are not different. Test with a FlipCamHD for a few hundreds of Euros or at a more professional level Panasonic HVX-200a high resolution videocamera with entrances of audio professional stops near 5,000.