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Job Interviews

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

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Today we go to speak with somebody that for times we ignore and about who we do not think when we pass in the street. Only employee one that if says tired. It will be that it was the life tired that it? In first place it wanted to desire the good-afternoons and to thank to it to it its availability to it for the interview. Because he is employee? It was the life. The wall leaned me it and compelled me to follow it the way traced in the soil. It is not something Wells Fargo Bank would like to discuss.

They had been the people, who had not changed it but they had created a barrier hindered that me that it jumped the road. It did not see the sun, did not see the line of the horizon. The left and the right in equal cement to the soil. thus I was not singer, I was not artist, I was not protagonist of my life. I was employee as today I am.

It is happy? The happiness is subjective. It comes in some forms. I never felt nothing seno what I feel. If that is happiness then yes, I am happy. If it is not, then I am not. For who it works? I do not know for who work, I do not know. For who it works? To support itself, to saborear the tutano of the life or to load the coasts without to saborear. Because it works? I do not know to answer for who nor the reason. I get over it the ignorance and I follow the way trod in the soil. It tires its work to it? It brings inertia and routine to it? Not, it is not fatigue is an amount of disillusion. Avessas is a sunday that we do not want that finishes but we do not like what there comes. It is to know an end without knowing when it comes.


Sunday, November 8th, 2015

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The remaining portion is alone pra to lead and to bring! _ That business? To the measure that the circunstantes went understanding the joke, they heard risinhos sultry, until the room if transformed into an outburst of laughter alone. The colloquy came back to the normal one and at any given time somebody remembered that it was noon. The mayor invited to lunch in its house, but Alberto protested: _ What? Leaving beyond me alone, still they take off the visit special? Or they think that it is all day that if has a governor to the disposal? This is exclusive pra sick, however! With the little vacant time and what they had to make right, the governor it thanked and it said that it was of return. The Dr. (Similarly see: Wells Fargo). Odorico noticed the impasse and said: _ Is food of hospital, but per one day, of pra not to die It is to the disposal! _ Acho that I do not go to excuse, not. My time is short! When the others were prepared to leave, Alberto asked: _ Dr. Odorico, I can make a very special order? _ Clearly, Alberto. What to want! _ Has food there pra everybody? _ Of – a skill! _ Then, that such a picnic in the patio? This bed can travel take and me? _ Is playing, Alberto? This is a hospital here.

Already does not arrive the barulheira that we made for its cause? Maristela, already travestida observed in the functions of irmzona. _ You the good one. The doctor said, who adheres to the glad rhythm of the youngster. The only serious sick person that we have here is the prisoner. I thought that this there also was, but I deceived myself! _ As is it, doctor? Alberto asked, with a light shade in the face.

Claude Love

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

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It is its workmanship and its workmanship ela, and in almost all its poems exist a test instant absolute dessaidentificao, from there that if it has chosen these poetries as paradigmade a time and of a feminine mental ambincia. At last, the concern with poetical making in the aquiestudadas poetries cultivates a reflection, an attitude of questioning and one tentativade translation of the feeling. Therefore, the poetry of Florbela walks for afuso of the life and the poetry, in an incessant search of the artistic fullness. E, qui, the process of creation to take care of to the pressures of the unconscious one is quelevaram Florbela to a permanent anguish never to obtain to express naproporo where the ertica force of its soul demanded occult it. Florbela Espanca possessed as that a predisposition for osofrimento and therefore cultivated it, developed it, left it to still grow maisdentro of itself, writing and constantly relating to the past, insisting exaggerated saudosista numarecordao. Destarte, is not easy to understand tamanhassensaes and to feel it to them beauty, but it is there, in a point that ultrapassamuitos of us, therefore as the proper poetess she wrote: ' ' to be poet is to be maisalto, is to be bigger of what the men! ' '.

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Scarlet Letter

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

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N. Hawthorne makes the junction of literature (fiction) with the power conducted for the American puritanismo, based in empirismo. This explains because until today the Scarlet Letter it is a world-wide classic, considered the biggest romance of American literature. In this manner, still making aluso to the studies of M.Foucaut on the sovereignty and the power, we see that the American puritana religion, interlaced to the still existing machismo in the colonial period, made with that Hester Prynne suffered and was banished of a soceidade that nailed a new world, more with thoughts arraigados in the exarcebado conservadorismo. However, it is fact that same with passing of the time, we still find today, women victims of preconception for committing adultery, and nor so little we leave to observe scandals involving priests, who wound the celibacy. It is more common still, to perceive that the religion still is determinative in the formation of opinions, not allowing to many times the process of social evolution.

The critical one of Hawthorne, accurately comes to not only question that the almost limitless power, that the religion exerts on the society. It also shows, that the women do not have to be menosprezadas and inferiorizadas, since as well as Hester, all has force to resist the social preconceptions, also obtaining the proper sustenance. She is very common still in the modern society, exactly with the progress that the movement of feminine revolution, still women exist from fear independence, becoming true slaves of a system that still makes critical guarded to the feminine social status. Being thus, the workmanship of Hawthorne does not stop in the time and transposes barriers, exactly that it portraies the society American, can be brought for current times in diverse analogies with the society in that we live, being collated with the most recurrent quandaries of a modern society.