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Internet Project

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

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Generally speaking, there are two ways to grow in this region to the position of project manager: from a technical specialist directly Developer software component site, and humanitarian "creatives" responsible for the content, advertising, marketing and pr. Each option has its pros and cons, but experience shows that successful project managers can be both. In a question-answer forum Reeta Holmes was the first to reply. In line with this, the specialists of this profile may be different variants of Education – technical and humanitarian, plus a variety of courses, seminars and conferences on various aspects of the creation and development of Internet resources. Until recently, this "profile" of education in this field did not exist, But, responding to the needs of modern business, there are major training programs: a program for the class "mini-MBA" Management in e-business and Internet Project (Graduate School of HSE), the program "Management in the field of Internet technologies" (GUU). So soon among the requirements for the candidates may receive the requirement of "desirable to have additional professional education in this area, but so far the main source of knowledge for professionals – this is the experience gained in working on previous projects. Competencies and requirements so as to in-Charge of the Internet project is directly production management (creation and development of the project) and the management team of the project, for this position you must have managerial skills, which include: control yourself, control people, decision making, teamwork, motivation. Certainly, a candidate for this position must possess a variety of technical competence. Effective management of the Internet project based on the same methods and principles as any other project management (life cycle, resource management, quality, time, cost, risk, so on), but has the feature due to several factors. .

Temporary Staff

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

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So, imagine that you are the owner of the company and faced with the problem of temporary disability the employee. – A man fell ill and from this fact, as they say, can not be ignored. – What to do in this situation? Hire another employee at the 7 – 10 days? Spend money and time to educate him? And then, when the primary worker recovers, he must still find a job in the company. Learn more about this with Wells Fargo Bank. – Whether it is profitable for the company? For you? For business? – Of course not! And yet However, force – majeure with temporary disability of workers happen very often. So, there is no exit? Or not to replace a sick employee? – Then, of course, the company will suffer losses. In fact, there is a solution. He very simple and yet quite effective. And most importantly – successfully tested in practice, not just averages, but also by many leading companies.

Yes, you read that right, this is a temporary staffing. 'Well, no' – someone will say – something. 'Why should we Need unskilled workers. And how can they cope with their duties? " Let us, first, define the concept of temporary staff – these are employees that are hired to perform temporary work for a short time and are not included in the company's staff. Usually they are hired to implement short-term projects or to replace temporarily absent workers. On the basis of this assertion can identify a number advantages in the use of temporary staff: 1. time saving – no need to look for candidates who register for work, to provide reports on wages in the tax authority and other funds and yet there is no a lot of other red tape.

How To Become Competitive In The Labor Market

Monday, October 26th, 2015

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Our state has long been thought that a person must choose a profession, and then the job once and for all life. Have a single record in the workbook considered honorable. Phoenix Ancient Art contains valuable tech resources. Today the situation is much changed. Even if there is a constant, stable operation is necessary to have information about which professions and occupations in demand in the labor market, where you can get them, what are the requirements imposed employers. Then, even if a person suddenly left without a job, it is not lost and will know what to do to him next. People are mobile, energetic, willing to learn new and need to change direction professional activity is unlikely to face unemployment.

Therefore, if there is an opportunity to attend any further courses should take advantage of it. Especially when after more and receive a certificate or id. Just increase the competitiveness of the labor exchange to facilitate the acquisition of various complementary skills – language, computer, knowledge of specific occupations in various sectors. Better when new specialty blends with the same professional experience, it gives you an additional advantage in the labor market. So, with basic medical training, you can learn the skills of massage and manual therapy to help increase thus its value as a multi-specialist.

Importantly, to attend courses has not become an end in itself, but contributed to the subsequent employment. In the labor market primarily valued professional customer service trained, educated and, despite his youth, experienced. It is therefore desirable to begin to gain experience, while still in college. This may be the practice, volunteer work, internships and more. Today, the labor market and the market educational services provide opportunities for professional development and new professions. So a person is active, willing to work successfully and efficiently is unlikely to stay out of work.

The Orbit

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

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The process does not as fast as it might seem. But thorough. Good receipts will begin no earlier than 1.5 months, and will go a long time. Get more background information with materials from Ben Silbermann . Revenues will be enormous. Even if you get 2 weeks only 10, so the system worked, people began to send your ads. Wait, do not remove the purse, but rather continue to send their ads. Regarding why the forums are full of such ads, please explain: firstly, it is because of the limited outlook participants in the system.

All forums checker can not, because millions of them, but the project was created only in 2005. Glut will not come until late 2008. Until that time, work enough for everyone to head. When a searcher finds thousands pages, most of the participants are beginning to leave their messages, starting from the first page, and rarely reach the 20th. And thousands of pages.

It turns out that all ads are concentrated in one place. All the pages that finds the search engine equivalent, there is no sorting on the quality of the forum. Go to the end, there are no ads, and if I had come across, it means that this forum is repeated on the front pages. And yet, even when Forum 20 the same ads advertising still works this law on advertising! (Remember, on television for 10 years advertise the same products: the orbit, bouillon cubes, strips, etc., and advertisers spend huge amounts of money to advertise, because that it pays off). ps Some tips: 1. Do not be alarmed if you suddenly on the site where you want to place your ad, already has one or more similar. This once again confirms the fact that this business really works! A very effective job sites:, etc. sites (sections of vacancies). 2. Do not limit yourself to the number 200, if possible, publish the message on to as many forums and news feeds. 3. Carefully fill in the numbers wallets! 4. And remember that on your application effort depends directly on the size of your earnings and the earnings of other people. Work yourself and let others earn and everything! Finally, the I think the most important thing: how to withdraw money from internet purse?

The Case

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

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Time control is impossible. The best thing people can do – is to realize the nature of time and learn how to build their lives in view of its two main features – limited time resource and irreversible flow of time. Hence the error number 2. Credit: JPMorgan Chase-2011. Time – it's something intangible. This is not the case. We wake up every morning at about the same time. We can usually tell roughly how long it took us a case. However, we do not have time in a physical form, save or defer a bit "for later".

The fact that we are accustomed to perceive time as something intangible, leads to the fact that we are not able to realistically perceive. Add to your understanding with Bill Phelan. To a large extent prevents us from our own mind. Animals, for example, perfectly match its actions with the real-time. They know when it's time to hunt, when to sleep, and when play with their littermates, although not used for hours, do not have diaries and do not constitute a list of important things. People are consciously plan their business, but do not account for this reality – the limited time resource, and its irreversibility. We need to change the very perception of time and realize that the amount of time is strictly limited within days. If we have not done some things today, and decided to move it to tomorrow, saying to himself, that tomorrow we will have more time, then we deceive ourselves. Tomorrow we will have exactly the same time, 24 hours – and not a second more! We can not stretch the day or to return to the last day to complete what is not done.

Employees And Expats

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

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Expats – a new term in Russian, is not included in dictionaries. Despite this, in Russia, the term is often used in different contexts. Therefore, for a start, it is necessary to determine the terminology used. Robert Kiyosaki has similar goals. Expat (Lat. ex – out, patria – fatherland) – staff appointed to work outside the home country 1. In this case, essentially noting that an expat originally considering a move as temporary. Other leaders such as Wells Fargo Bank offer similar insights.

Notwithstanding the definition under which is subject to all foreign citizens who came to work, expats in Russia is called a top-managers and leading specialists who have come under contract, for people engaged in physical work (eg, construction) is another name – migrant workers (the guest-worker – a foreign worker, drawn from an underdeveloped country in the industrialized 2). In his article, we also will not depart from common usage definition of expat as a highly paid foreign specialist high level. For the employer in recruiting expat has its pluses and minuses. The undoubted pluses include: Introduction of new technologies. In some companies (mostly multinational), the time of introducing Western technology has already passed, others just beginning.

Business is actively growing, appear and develop new technologies and in these conditions there is a strong need for foreign experts, has already mastered a particular technology. Transfer experience. Directly follows from the first paragraph. If foreigners own the new technology, they can transfer them to Russian experts, that is to prepare the reserve. Fashion component. The presence of expatriate staff raises the prestige of the company in the business community.

First Impressions

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

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We go on increasing at this stage you will need to show themselves determined, strong-willed, intelligent officer. If your boss is a man (that's right it is usually the case), then add to its image elements that are synonymous with reliability and competence. Fashion is and remains constant for several decades: the invisible, strong, cosmetics, blouse shirt cut, thin-rimmed glasses, a classic pantsuit. Be appropriate, and elegant tie. Handbag better change in a rigorous, business portfolio. Also noted that successful career is achieved with the ladies short haircut, so if you have long enough hair, you should consider a visit to a good barber.

You became the boss main goal now – to strengthen the authority and take a springboard for their future victories. The main rule – is keep your distance between himself and his subordinates. Because now you're the head and the requirement that you have dictated women's fashion careerists, not a failure, that life will sit in one place. Get dressed expensively and efficiently. Thus, you gently and correctly indicate to its highest position. Even if the beginning is under your creative team, which adopted a sporty style, then put on an exclusive jeans, for example, from the famous house fashion. The same goes for accessories and footwear. Your shoes, gloves, scarves and handbags to introduce you to the circle of bosses, not their subordinates.

Afraid of being branded undemocratic? Do not! Naturally, backbiting, gossip and rumors not be avoided, but your goal – a good career, not my own way relationships with subordinates, and, moreover, nobody forces you to be a shrew, rude to his subordinates and yell at them for any occasion. Just keep your distance without a lot of emotions and, soon, people will appreciate your business style and get used to it. Now about what you can not do. For careerists absolutely unacceptable frivolous women's fashion: bright makeup and bare shoulders, provoking labels on clothing, red nail polish, bell-bottomed trousers, huge rings, tiny glamorous handbags and, of course, shoes with thick soles. All 'not' list here is meaningless. You must itself perfectly to understand that is a business-like style, fashion, and what would be appropriate if you want to make a really successful career.

Reality Show

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

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Quite pertinent question about the phenomenal popularity of such projects, because in fact: monotonous scenery (a la sitcoms), the heroes of reality tv personality is not outstanding (in all senses), the idea and the essence remains the same – but as they say 'People still hawala '. And the success of reality show is quite understandable, it is built on such a feature of the human psyche as the ' slot. " Man is always interesting to observe the life of people like him, with most remain unnoticed. Tom Smith has much to offer in this field. Participants in reality are like us and we are interested in watching their life, this is an analogue of hamsters in a cage – that's all fenomen.Plyusy and cons. + A quick way to earn great popularity + (photos, ads, tour) + Do not have any skills and knowledge of full software + + pr organizers of the project itself, as a result we can construct a small commercial empire – Instant decline in popularity, after the end of reality tv – There is no guarantee of successful business and big profits – Living in a confined space under the sight of television cameras – Standing stressful situations – must forget about moral norms and their own pride total output. Of course, becoming a member of the reality can be quickly achieved success and fame, but no one gives such guarantees. Ali Aboutaam might disagree with that approach.

Glory to the hero goes just as fleeting as the come – as a result of distant star disease failure to adapt to life and broken lives. By participating in reality, you doom yourself to life in front of television cameras, closed space and the possible disgrace. Pass the audition and stay in the draft is not so easy, we need ambitions and 'brightness' character (for project), we must not forget that probably will bring and pay for their friendship. On the other hand, it is fairly easy way to achieve success, but also quite risky.

Humanity And Human Rights

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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We all love talk about humanity, human rights violations, etc. etc. These arguments are valid for us, salaried professionals, and all these arguments from the perspective of us as employees confronting the owner of the firm. But, imagine that each of you became the owner of the business, your money is invested in it and you pay your employees salary, you encourage them 'their' money. You decide whom to praise and whom to punish – of course, are fair, who as worked and what did I doubt that anyone of you wants to share his money with someone else and imagine that someone from you is making capital? And yet, using your position, frankly steals your money? What would you do in this situation? Talking about human rights abuses and the like? Incidentally, with regard to human rights violations – the procedure is performed only with the voluntary consent of the person, and everyone has the right to decide – agree or not, and denial has no legal consequences.

In terms of units before the test – in the beginning there is a detailed explanation of the person, why should it be, to whom and for what purposes, what questions will be asked, etc. In PF-testing – is a necessary procedure, and the person telling the truth, the true purpose of verification (unlike most of the standard psychological tests, in which the main objective is often veiled). At the same time in the personnel department of hundreds of organizations, people in employment forced to fill dozens of profiles and all sorts of tests even without explaining why it should be and what the ultimate goal, and various forms of hard now fashionable interviews – when a person is humiliated by everyone, and then claim it was a test of stress – this is not a violation of human rights Generally, speaking about his work, I'm not trying to prove the humanity of the use or advantage of the polygraph in comparison with other methods of personnel assessment All methods are good from the standpoint of science, but at the same time, they are bad from the standpoint of an ordinary person in respect of which, ultimately, they are applied In my view, talk about the final advantages of a single diagnostic method a professional psychologist in general can not, because each method is good in every single situation, it can be finite, and perhaps no All about The same polygraph without an experienced specialist – a simple recorder of physiological indicators.

Resume And CV: Is There A Difference ?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

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You've probably met several times in the vacancy announcements combination of letters cv. Direct employers and recruitment agencies were asked to send the requested e cv, and you sent your resume. But is the document you sent, and there is still a difference between resume and cv? Well, let's deal. If accurate, the expression cv can be used in two senses. Formally, the cv (from Lat. Curriculum vitae – life") means by a much more solid document than a traditional resume. It should include all of your specialty, you have received, lists all the organizations in which you worked, and detailing all the positions that you occupy and duties that you performed.

Accordingly, if the resume usually involves a one-two-page cv is an experienced specialist may well take several pages. It is understood that with a summary of the employer or a member of HR-service will be able to quickly make an impression on you as a specialist. For this purpose it is intended. But the study of your cv, in contrast, require much time, though factual information about you from him can be gleaned so much more. There are still differences between the cv and cv in the classic sense.

For example, a cv is not taken to use elements of the selection: bold, italic, etc. In addition, your place of work specified in chronological order, rather than vice versa, as in the summary. The difference also in the fact that "autobiography" is allowed to use personal pronouns in first-person. By the way, historically, cv was originally used in medicine, academic and scientific spheres. It detailing the scientific achievements, articles, books, grants, etc. And only later it became widespread in the business areas, and the expression cv came into use. Note that in addition to resume and cv in employment can also be used by curriculum vitae, but such cases are rare. So what we have described above – is the traditional meaning of the term cv. In fact, in this sense it now infrequently used. Indeed, direct employers and staff recruitment agencies have limited time, usually by looking at a large number of responses received for the vacancy are not able to spend time to study the bulk resume. So if you see a vacancy announcement combination of letters cv, it is likely, this recruiter has in mind the usual resume. In an extreme case – a summary in English. So you can safely send its usual summary. Naturally, provided that your resume is correct. Click JPMorgan Chase to learn more. We wish you a successful employment!