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As Market Our Knowledge

Monday, February 18th, 2013

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An educated man is which has cultivated the faculties of his mind in such a way that you can purchase anything that intends, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others. Napoleon Hill. Dedicated to: who writes this article. And Paola. We will share my professional success.

When I had the opportunity to meet business model that can be done over the Internet, I found a great opportunity to realize my dreams. I do not mean only the fact of earning money online. While it is true, that is a very important reason, do virtual business allows us to generate significant revenue. I say that not only saw this great opportunity to generate additional revenue. I also found the possibility to develop professionally.

To understand this, I leave a small anecdote about my academic preparation: my undergraduate studies include two races; the first, philosophy; the second marketing. Both areas of knowledge I’m passionate about, I move to inquire about new information regarding these two subjects. I am seduced by the idea that knowledge, in terms of creation and development, are very spacious, versatile and seek to satisfy concerns of human beings. Philosophy helps us to reflect, marketing invites us to create. Both suggest a contact with the same self. Anyway, I studied two runs and I was faced with a curious reality. I was a little difficult to find job opportunities allowing me to apply and innovate my knowledge; We will not reflect if that was by my lack of skills, lack of commitment, or the employment situation. It doesn’t matter at this point. Now understands why claimed that I found a superb opportunity to develop professionally. The Internet is a medium of communication in power that allows us to share information with thousands of Internet users. Here we find a wonderful way of providing valuable information, quality and warmth, and offer our services to those who are interested in our specialized knowledge. The aim of this page is to provide substantive content than us invite reflect on the topics proposed and go delimiting characteristics of our service. Will also give you the pattern so that you can take your own decisions as to how you could win money, in my case is by writing articles of value.