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Online Marketing Campaigns

Sunday, October 18th, 2015

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Often our efforts on online marketing campaigns focus on attracting new visitors instead of retaining existing customers. Remember that a new customer can cost eight times more than a current customer. Learn what are the strategies that will ensure that a repeat visitor several times visiting our Web site. Increase the number of repeat visitors who should be a fixed rate within our scorecard of. Visitors who repeated his visit several times through a site end up being clients and prescribers of our service.

If we try to match the tastes of visitors when they come to our Web portal with features and content on our site, we can maintain a long-term romance that will translate into profitability. We will discuss a number of tips that will help convince visitors to return several times to our Web site. Update your Web page: Show that life has its own Web Update the information on your Web site frequently. Your site is like a store, unless you update the portfolio of products or information that concerns them, trade will no longer be of interest to repeat a visit. Change the presentation of products in the showcase, presentation on the shelf, highlight the new offerings, discard outdated products, etc.. are tasks that can be transferred to the content it offers our website. Web sites are constantly updated and getting the result are the most popular. The frequency with which search engine robots visit and track the information of a particular Web site is directly related to the frequency of content updating it.