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The Motor

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

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We wait yes, one politics that the least protects in them of the endoidecida fury of the banks to extort the little that we possess. Eager, we wait a reality that provides to chance to youth and security, over all, to the oldness. Ours lands, Mrs. Dilma, are rich, fruitful, and can provide all our necessities. The peace in the field does not have to be only one utopia of the call ' ' left revolucionria' ' , but the central objective of any government that it has seen to the full democracy. The large state is the propeller cancer of ours mazelas partners, having to be eradicated of our possible fastest way.

The crime, prominent president, cannot be accepted as something inherent to our reality. We will leave of the principle that crime alone exactly prospers for the fact not to have concrete chance to the young. Formation invests heavily in of base, in education that has as intention preparation of human being different, agregador and solidary, and thus we will have test of that the crime, when will have, will be the one another psychotic mind or exception, which could be dealt with adequate form. Reflecting, Your honor will see that our penitentiary system is onerous and inefficacious, not contributing in nothing for re-education of the prisoners. The corruption, illustrious representative of the Brazilian nation, cannot be sustentculo of our relations, as it has been until the current days.

Our legislative in the envergonha and our parliamentarians, in its great majority, survives under the stigma of the influence traffic, conspurcando our credibility next to international the public opinion. We feed a obesa state machine, demoralized, where supported constantly they are favored, generating an incommensurable responsibility to the public farm. The health, exempted governor, never could be relegated the secondary plans. It must have, during all the time, the maximum attention of the public, with regard to over all aged agents and children. The health of the woman in reproductive age is essential so that its children grow healthful and constitute the motor force for the work and the economic development of the Country. In regards to the Education, our children, since the first pertaining to school years, must be taught to be critical, cnscias people of its duties, but, over all, of its rights. We will aim at to an education that forms men and women of proper personality, always with the design to more work in favor of the construction of a society fraterna. Finally, the oppressed ones certainly dream of a quality of worthy life of human being, where the hours of working is not so extenuante, and the incomes, in turn, so are not reduced. It believes, no people supports the exploration for all the life, and the popular revolt, when it comes out, has as combustible main the accumulated hatred of many years. The implications of these popular destemperos History already showed in them in diverse occasions. Its voice, president, arrive the desperate millions of at this moment. Men, women, children, old, all wait for a synergy that can, the least in part, to modify our destination.