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Psychological Clinic

Monday, March 7th, 2016

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"Fred who came from his work, dressed in gray suit, black tie, black patent leather shoes, smiled and crossed the road to the park just in front of his house. The girls ran, hugged him, showered him with kisses and the boys shook hands. – Where you brother? Freddy replied, "of the office, am working on a Psychological Clinic, we have many customers, so I leave at 10 pm. What do you do? – We are taking a chela with the girls, make use wedge. So Freddy, sat with them on a bench and began to drink beer in cans, embracing a pretty blonde named Franccinni. They spent 45 minutes of the arrival of Freddy and bustle in the park would not let the neighbors sleep. In a van green onions that appeared and was stopped brusca.Todos boys and girls caught up the face and saw that the vehicle fell six green-uniformed men, with sticks of gum in his hand and one of them said: "Alto Police .

Surrounded them and asked for all documents, the girls on the right side, boys on the left. Freddy smiled and approached a police officer asked for his documents, at once showing your ID, your meat of the College of Psychologists and wait. The police told to wait on the sidelines while other troops were searching the other kids. One by one, were reviewed, and cops found them : Packages of cocaine, marijuana, pbc, cigarettes, money. One claim by saying that his father was Mayor of the army …