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Rural Tourism

Monday, January 12th, 2015

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With the evolution of society, tastes and needs change. One of these, is the rest and with it evolves the way in which we achieve an ideal way to relax and unwind. Typical vacation, great vacation packages, in lodgings of luxurious hotels, visits to places such as monuments or museums, no longer conform to what we nowadays. Rural tourism has become, in recent years, in the favorite destination for adventurers seeking to innovate, learn, explore and live emotions with a stamp of nature. He is not traveling in poor condition, or scarce budget representing great discomfort, is live a vacation comfortably, but surrounded by nature and all the experiences it offers. Decide the new holiday destination, through rural tourism, it is quite an adventure, and is part of the experience that we are looking for. This medium offers us a radical change on the sites and emotions that offer museums, theme parks and others who leave large and good knowledge, but that if we seek adventures, the best way to It is the contact with the nature. A related site: Ben Silbermann mentions similar findings. The variety of service, is one of its strengths.

The essence is the adventure. When choosing a rural tourism trip, you get a variety and alternatives for recreation, fun and the opportunity to learn about the fauna and flora of the places that we have chosen as a destination. Besides the adventure or new destination for vacation, it is a physical, mental and spiritual therapy. The contact with nature brings great relaxation and peace that only provides the contact with nature. Being away from the big cities increases our tranquility. Today, the services offered by rural tourism were not easily.

Recreational activities as a contact with nature and knowledge of fauna and flora of various regions, ecological tours and horseback riding, come to become experiences and adventures. You can even experience a campsite with a campfire night, sharing with your travel companions, experiences and personal emotions, unknown until today. Rural tourism is an opportunity to experience a culture, gastronomy, Customs and different realities, that we can only understand if we live them. An experience that will fully achieve a mental and physical renewal, a therapy against stress and routine. Surely we will return to these places in the future. Turislago, born in order to facilitate the search for excellent options in rural tourism, especially in the area of farms Lake calima, people interested in spend holidays or days of rest either in the family, or for business and social events. Offers also rent farms Lake calima for long stays or seasonal, offering a unique experience the sector of Darien in Colombia.

Hairstyles Bride

Monday, January 13th, 2014

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It seems, that after a few years in which said that the wedding ceremonies had fallen, we give way to celebrations, (mass or not) for which is supposed to be the best day of our lives. Whether they are religious or civil weddings, we love get us our finery and go more radiant as possible. Gone are those austere civil weddings, in which, dressed as if for a day any were. We have given way to a host of celebrations in which there is room for all kinds of styles and personalities, anything goes, and most importantly, you. Fashion, has also been adapted to the new currents and is not so unthinkable today see a girl who wants to marry a jacket suit pants, a short dress or even a fun sarong, because its kind of wedding so requires.

What do we find trends? Trends in bridal gowns is very broad, but what more is in these moments are very sheer costumes, with flounces on many occasions. It leaves behind the classic dress into a two-piece, much more comfortable and flattering. The cuts under the chest, fallen empire with less carved dresses and fabrics with a lot of type give dynamism and joviality to our silhouette. Gauze, lace and embroidery with overlapping fabrics, are perfectly adapted to all styles. The most important thing is to choose which makes us feel special.

We must not in any case give sensation go disguised, static or lack of naturalness. It is true that it will be a day in which you win things that you never ever put and surely you will ever take, but that is no reason to go corseted, upwind, awkward and artificial, people should recognize your personal style within the dress that you have chosen. What colors we find today? With respect to colors, the radiant, white off-white and champagne are some exiled against the beiges, mauves and golds.

Baldessarini Brand

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

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Baldessarini brand is named after its founder and chief designer – Werner Baldessarini. It was founded in 1993, and in 1994 – fashion industry saw the first collection of menswear. The main idea of the brand: "A luxurious thing can not be rational. " Cloak can be made of a silk tie and a jacket sewn from python skin. High-quality materials combined with a complicated process, which has inherited from Baldessarini Hugo Boss – make this dress a great choice for very wealthy men. In 1996, Charles became the face of brand Schumann – "man-cocktail", a well-known fact that the author of several books on how to mix drinks. Along with the advent of Schumann, and changes the basic idea of mark: "Clothes that distinguishes man from the boy." Collections Baldessarini – these things are interesting in combination. Buyer urged to experiment and try different combinations of models as it likes to do Baldessarini. The main purpose of brand – to provide comfort and attractiveness of the owner due to eminent grandeur of clothing, created by the best masters of his craft.