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Queen Victoria

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

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On the way here and was the Emperor himself. Queen Victoria stayed at the Grand Hotel. Today, tourists are attracted by such activities as visits to caves in the hills north of Grasse and the world famous perfumes. Perfumery industry was born here in the 16. The city was the center of the leather industry and famous for the production of gloves with 13. Then tastes and needs changed and dressing of leather sunk into oblivion. Today, the industry increasingly relies on artificial substitutes, than fresh flowers.

Many older factories are abandoned and their brick chimneys as the onetime Daily towering monuments in the southern part of the city. Flowers, of course, also be used, but they surrendered their position considerably. Spirits 'Chanel 5' – are among the most in demand worldwide. They contain jasmine, rose and artificial musks. A few do not back because of bad weather, was frustrated delivery of jasmine and to avoid stopping production and dependency on the whims of the market and weather for Chanel was purchased flower farm near Grasse. Annually exclusively for Chanel here grow 20 tons of jasmine and 50 tons of rose petals. Jasmine was brought to Grass from Nepal to 1560g. These delicate flowers require delicate handling and manual data collection.

From 8000 to 10000 flowers correspond to 1 kilogram. Y Collector goes up to an hour to collect 500 grams. Collected petals are packed in bags and in half an hour (!) Delivered to the factory Chanel. In other households the collection of essential oils put off to another day, but for Chanel freshness is a prerequisite. After weighing the petals are loaded into the tanks at 50 kg and washed three times in 2000 liters of a special solution, which washes away essential oils, waxes and resins. After removing the flowers, the solution was evaporated in year and a half hours, the remaining extract can be stored for several years. Then, using alcohol to extract the essential oils. When the alcohol evaporates, the resulting flower extract is used to create various spirits. Spirits have always been an important part of human history. They were used at all times, they were familiar to the Egyptians, Romans, they were known to the Chinese civilization, its mentioned in the Bible, they are tempted, masked, creating a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere, they are the privilege of the rich and powerful. Accessible to "mere mortals" they began in 1900 thanks to the Franco-x Kochi. In 1905g.etot cousin of Napoleon Bonaparte opened the first mass production of near Paris. After 1920, many countries engaged in the production of spirits, but the French perfumes are still without equal.