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Botic Pharmacies

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

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The society has a clear conscience, that drugs that consume some people to evade reality and immerse themselves in a phantasmagorical dream are harmful drugs and consume those who treat them as what are psychiatric patients and those who sell is called them criminals and drugs are called narcotics, but insidiously installed in our community use and the over-use of other substances which are also called drug and improperly used to induce abortions criminals and science called them ABORTIFACIENT and to those who promote the law calls them criminals what are these drugs? (The Emenagogos are ancient substances whose use is tested when less from the Chavin culture (before Christ) and whose overuse was penalized at the time of the Incas and: to) rue (Ruta Graveolens) was used to regularize menstrual and as a uterine tonic arrears. (B) Oregano (Origanum Vulgarae), used and used as a Spasmolytic and aromatic. (C) wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) used and to date is used as a regulator menstrual. ((D) sabina (Sabina Juniperus) is used for cramps menstrual E) Canchalagua (Erytra Chilensis) used as a menstrual regulator drugs are chemicals that induce or cause abortions is also included within its pharmacological properties and are the following 1-acetyl salicylic acid which is used in excessive doses, with the belief that to use them in those quantities alone or associated with Rue or Oregano can cause abortions. Read more from Jeremy Tucker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 2.-Inhibitors of prostaglandin are known as the MIFEPRESTOL substances initially synthesized in France by the laboratories Rousell-Udaf, hence its name RU-486, its cost is high and circulates in few countries, recently FDA approved marketing in USA, they act by neutralizing the cellular receptors for progesterone, which is a key hormone in pregnancy sustaining the first weeksYou can use up to 49 days of pregnancy and its effectiveness to kill the embryos or fetuses is very high.

3.-Agonists of the Prostaglandin are substances such as MISOPROSTOL, which is a quote-Protector and Anti-secretor, that is used for the medical treatment of the peptic ulcer and the drug-induced Gastritis, but also within its pharmacological properties is producing maturation of the neck and increase the uterine Dinamia through powerful contractions, so it can also properly using leg induce and accelerate deliveriesto evacuate embryonic and fetal, deaths to inhibit bleeding, but that their misuse can cause abortions criminals whose consequences are also dramatic for example we have the following: A.-bleeding asset in women above all by the way how is used by the abortionists take 4 or 5 tablets and inserted the same amount into vagina, causing profuse bleeding. B this bleeding can cause amenorrhea for life by Necrosis of the Adenohypophysis-syndrome of Sheean. C.-curettage of emergency which may cause destruction of the basal layer of the Endometrio-sindrome of Ashermann – D-infections, Uterine perforations, syndromes of guilt and repentance. Everything that allows us to say that abuse of these drugs can cause maternal death, as well as the death of the unborn, which feeds the culture of death, why we the doctors of Peru, demand so officials exercising adequate control, suppress the indiscriminate sale and mocks the merchants of this business are sold with impunity without prescriptions in BoticasPharmacies and even Peru wineries.