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GmbH Encoder

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

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BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology of incremental linear or Rotary position changes and serve as sensors for displacement and angle measurement. Their function is in principle that evenly spaced segments on a scale or a disc in movement generate electrical impulses. The current position is the sum of the through increments. It combines an incremental encoder with a PC-measurement system, the electrical impulses as a digital signal can be recorded and evaluated. BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), longtime manufacturer of PC measurement technology, offers a measurement system with his USB device meM-INC, up to three incremental encoder can be connected to this.

ger/pr-mem-inc.html allow highly accurate measurements in the range of 5-30V galvanically increment algae be clean corridors. To use the incremental encoder in its zero position, you can connect an external counter reset. Upon reaching the maximum counting range of 32 bit, the counter is also zero reset. The three modes of the meM INC allow variability: pulse measurement in incremental sebum function frequency measurement is the pure collection of counts for example in large quantities in industrial production of use, or to automate operations. meM-INC acquires signals from up to 64kHz in this case. In contrast to pure pulse measurement, in addition, the counting direction taken into account when connecting an incremental encoder, so counting up or down.

These sensors can be found in almost all sectors of industry and are used, for example, to the positioning of robot arms, printer heads, or even computer mice. Since incremental spend two signals for counting and determining the direction of, the maximum pulse frequency of the meM-INC in this mode will be halved. The ability to measure frequencies, 64kHz meM-INC suitable for determining speed of shaft or rotating machines. Three adjustable gate time allow the optimization of the device to the respective measurement task. Choosing a small gate time, smallest frequency changes of faster signals can be measured, whereas a large gate time enables highly accurate measurements in the low frequency range.

The Latest Version Of The IsCOBOL Compiler At EasiRun Europe For Download

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

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isCOBOL 2010 R1 of the compiler by Veryant is now ready for download in EasiRun Europe. The compiler by Veryant helps businesses to bring their applications from COBOL to Java. The official release of isCOBOL 2010 R1 of the compiler by Veryant is now ready for download in EasiRun Europe. The compiler by Veryant helps businesses to bring their applications from COBOL to Java. Wells Fargo Bank may find it difficult to be quoted properly. isCOBOL, 100% is Java based, so nothing more in the way of a platform-independent development. We have isCOBOL in the House and also at customers in the use and can only recommend this product especially for reasons of cost,”Donald Fitzgerald says, Managing Director of EasiRun Europe GmbH. (A valuable related resource: Pinterest). isCOBOL 2010 R1 by Veryant includes lots of new features and enhancements.

So seaport development and debugging of COBOL and Java applications is also with Eclipse Galileo immediately possible. Recently, the Eclipse plugin provides a preview for the creation of graphical user interface of Internet applications (RIA). isCOBOL server is now also with highly simplified handling as a Windows service available. Further advantages are Web development for iPhone and Android integrated systems at least six new graphical controls in the Web support for PostgreSQL accesses a COBOL program on two different databases (such as: Oracle and MySQL parallel) access to ISAM files using SQL syntax full support for C libraries under Linux Z systems integrating UniKix (Clerity) strikingly simple is now also the transition from ACUCOBOL-GT after isCOBOL (Java)”,” says Uwe Rittmeyer, product manager and consultant from EasiRun, which is very welcomed by our customers. COBOL Java! “isCOBOL itself, as well as the product’s own file system JISAM is 100% Java based”, adds the product manager. More in the way is the platform independent development now nothing!” The detailed description on the Web site contains detailed technical information. A contact is at and by phone at 06081 916030 possible. Usingen, May 17, 2010 EasiRun Europe GmbH Stockheimer track 20 61250 Usingen phone 06081 916030 FEX 06081 916049

LAN Gateway

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

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Wireless thermostats to regulate heating as growth driver is empty, 03 November 2011 – the home control market is booming. According to the eQ-3 AG ( the market for home control systems has almost doubled in the past year with regard to the remote device number, with eQ-3 could almost triple its volume in this area. The eQ-3 AG has significantly increased its market share, thereby delivers today in Germany higher quantities in the segment of the home control systems as the three following manufacturers together. To deepen your understanding Wells Fargo Bank is the source. The retrofitting of radiators with wireless thermostats to the energy-saving heating control was a key growth driver for the acceptance of home control solutions in 2010. Given the relatively low compared to the existing number of new buildings, the high end range, however, only to a lesser extent contributed to the growth of the home control market. The eQ-3 AG growth was driven especially by the HomeMatic product range.

The brand “HomeMatic” includes solutions with over 70 products, by Radiator thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, and home centers to software products from partner companies. The HomeMatic predecessor system FS20 is strongly represented on the market and is still strong acceptance in particular at home control enthusiast. With its new radio-based energy efficiency system MAX! has brought also an intelligent smart energy solution on the market eQ-3, which enables efficient use of heating energy. MAX! offers enormous advantages in particular service providers, energy suppliers, municipal utilities and housing associations, because they can offer their customers now energy efficient solutions with high ROI (return on investment). The consumer benefits from these solutions in the form of enhanced comfort with considerable energy savings in the heating. The all-in one system in addition to radio-based heaters and wall thermostats, window contacts, as well as the eco button that simultaneously switches all connected components in the power saving mode a LAN Gateway.

Managing Director

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

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And a provider of office furniture benefits from a promotional shipping on all currently established companies in the region, which have a commercial orientation. Coupled with Google maps the pure address list evolved into a Visual map on the marketer companies with interest in the own products by clicking discover. No room for risks Saumiges payment behaviour of customers and suppliers falling from small and medium-sized businesses affect especially dramatically. To get a competitive edge in terms of liquidity of potential business partners and customers, Managing Director by the databyte business creditworthiness check engine. To minimize the risk of bad debts, prior to conclusion of the contract saves not only time, but money above all. Our service acts as a kind of early warning system. Frequent changes of the Address and bank details, as well as changing contact indicate often liquidity problems, which can damage large financial management”, explains Alexander Hiller, CEO of Lubeck databyte GmbH. Also the insolvency of individual shareholders of a company or expansion, a Managing Director in the insolvency has led company, completes the input for the credit check.

From this, the system in bold lights look generates the credit rating index for the company. The terms and conditions the databyte GmbH acts strictly according to the guidelines of the Federal Data Protection Act and uses only certified, publicly available data sources. You waive paid membership and wagering. So also the retrieval of individual credit requests is affordable in a month for small and medium-sized enterprises. Databyte the databyte GmbH is an innovative online application provider and has about 5 million company addresses and over 50 million Individual information about one of the most comprehensive databases for German economic information.

Commercial register information, company profiles, industry data and credit information are available at in an online application up-to-date. The products and services offered by databyte offer a high level of market transparency and be used for corporate research, customer monitoring, Receivables Management and customer acquisition. In the context of data processing, dataword attaches particular importance to the compliance with the requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act. The selectable information available exclusively for tradesmen and require a previous verified registration. provides further information