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This Sparmethode

Friday, February 10th, 2017

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You searched for a way to preserve the tea for the long sea voyage from China to Europe. They experimented and finally discovered the method of Fermentierens. Depending on the treatment of the tea is roasted in huge pans, then kneaded and dried, or initially treated with hot steam. Then dried by hot air, repeatedly shaken up and finally pressed. These two processing methods prevent the enzymes of tea leaves cause a fermentation process, which in turn sets the fermentation going. Therefore nothing other than fermented green tea is black tea. The fermentation was also economic reasons.

Tea was a precious drink at that time and the green leaves could be infused several times. They were therefore more productive than the black version. Learn more at this site: Jeremy Tucker. This Sparmethode”was certainly not like the English traders, so they favored the black tea, because it simply that larger revenues promised. Organic tea under the stern quality magnifying glass are large tea growing area in China, Japan or India (Darjeeling). Particular attention should be directed on the quality of the tea, because the drink in addition to the good taste to serve also the health. For the taste of soil, altitude, and climate as well as the treatment of tea plants (pruning, fertilizing or cultivation), the picking method include processing (drying, fermenting or flavoring) and preparation (by machine or by hand), (water, steeping time). On the issue of health, the use of plant protection products plays an important role.

While it was formerly common to use them in large quantities, the success of organic products has reached already the tea. However, it is advisable to take organic tea more under the magnifying glass. A tea comes from organic farming that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is totally devoid of pollutants. Therefore, the note is ruckstandskontrolliert”the decisive quality feature. Because that means that also the final product was again examined contained toxic residues.