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Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

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Reconstructed from the modern brick masonry of the front gate of 10-20% has already collapsed, and the old brick building, which 250 years – is worth it! The restorers did not take into account that virtually all the old brick was clinker, ie high-density, stone-like ceramic material. Clinker will protect the house until it collapses. All clinker ceramics produced in the course of high firing semi-finished manufactured from selected shale method extrusion molding. Shale, mined in the North-Western Germany, is very different from the clay deposits in other parts of the world. The main features of the clay used for clinker production is its plasticity, the absence of salt and chalk, which makes raw materials and finished products are homogeneous structure.

In addition, the clay is ground further in order to avoid the appearance of voids. Feature of the production Clinker is also a high-fired, which takes place in tunnel kilns up to 150 m. Sintering components of mineral raw materials occurs at a temperature of about 1200 C. Next is a special roasting, allowing get a wider color gamut, and the temperature can reach 2000 C. Thanks to all the components of the manufacturing process, finished goods becomes homogeneous finely porous structure and has minimal water absorption, and consequently, high frost resistance. A variety of colors is achieved only by natural means: through the shade used clay by applying a layer of glaze, which does not only enhances the decorative quality of the ceramics, but also protects it from negative influences; vpekaniya method of coal in the raw material during firing to get 'burnt' shade.

Areas of strong performance strength and low water absorption for high frost resistance, durability, lack of efflorescence and other problems associated with the aggressive action of moisture. These characteristics allow the use of clinker for interior decorating, and for the external cladding of facades, landscape design, development of industrial areas. Solution to any architectural problems can be successfully accomplished with the clinker. Throughout the entire period of operation of clinker retains its original color, has a noble appearance, by which it immediately distinguish. Also widespread use of clay pottery for decoration pools, fountains and other water containers. World practice shows that the clinker is the best quality material for these works. Competition can make a ceramic or natural granite top grade. Clinker – a material with high resistance to external influences. In our latitudes, with a long autumn and winter, it is especially important. Original with photos