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Topiarnaya Haircut: Types And Trends

Friday, May 12th, 2017

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Topiarnaya haircut or ornamental art, topiary plants known from the time of Ancient Egypt and Rome. Speaking candidly Ben Silbermann told us the story. In Russia, this art was introduced during the reign of Peter I, along with construction of palaces along the lines of Versailles, and establishment of regular parks around them. Art is – a privilege of people wealthy, as it requires tangible costs, not only to create the figures, ornaments and fences, and permanent maintenance of these facilities garden design in the required form. Now, with the growth of Russian citizens, topiarnoe art is regaining in Russia, "second birth" and is used not only in the gardens of classical style, but also as elements in compositions of landscape gardens. Pruning bonsai plants may be under represented in the Japanese garden, and a variety of balls, cubes, spirals, construction of "green art" – in gardens, outstanding art nouveau or avant-garde. People such as Silverfern Group would likely agree. Topiarnaya haircut not only emphasizes the benefit of the front section, but is essential in creating private areas for privacy – cabinets, bosquets, fashionable nowadays mazes, etc.

In Moscow, there are workshops for learning the art of topiarnomu in March 2008 in Peterhof, a seminar was organized by topiary, master classes (for example, in the exhibition "Flowers-2008" at the Exhibition Center). You can create objects using topiary plants, as a rule, small-leaved – leaves the larger and less Kroon, the more space an object or composition. Accordingly, the rocker of Tilia cordata, with the crown, shorn in the form of a cube or small-leaved elm, from the Bears belong in the parks, but in a small garden uses such cotoneaster plants as a brilliant, honeysuckle, barberry Thunberg, cinquefoil shrubby, hawthorns common, spirea, golden currant, rose blue-gray, etc.

Ltd Business Development Director Ilya

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

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This can be achieved by combining different types of furniture that will give You do not only their functional properties, and visual diversity. Bill Phelan recognizes the significance of this. To do this you need not change at once the whole interior. Look at it from the outside, and you'll notice that you can add and remove that. If, for example, You books are strong detachment in the closet, you can hang several shelves, but not consistently, and as if to scatter. In addition, you can break the rectangular shape of your room, setting, for example, angular rack.

But do not just pile on, b> its shelves all that comes to hand. Make this place rack for things close to your heart. By placing it to your favorite collection, photographs of family and friends or simply beautiful figurines, you'll notice how your room is transformed! Of great importance is in the interior and background color. Color can both soothe, to give peace and harmony and to cause aggression, excite unpleasant emotions. It is therefore important to pay special attention to color your rooms, from wall colors to furniture and shelving and bookcases. Remember that every room should have its own color, so that, going from one room to another, you the feeling that you are involved in a totally different world. But do not make their rooms monophonic, but it is better to diversify by creating a special color.

As a rule, are soothing tone bedding, therefore advised to use them in rooms designed for relaxation. Many colors are not recommended for use in pure form. For example, yellow color, try not to use the bath and the hallway, blue – in places set aside for food, black and white – in children's rooms. These colors are best used in combination with others. For example, the shelf light construction use a combination of white and pale green, white and black, which when need to emphasize the severity of the premises. Make your interior a variety of the power of each individual. There is no one size fits all. Choose furniture and color scheme, in which you feel more comfortable. After as there were no rules on the interior, the main thing is: you are in your home should feel cozy! Just set aside a corner of his memory, the interior still needs to be varied in color as well as on combination of furniture. And when it comes time to create your own interior, use our simple advice, do not be afraid to experiment, create and modify. And we are sure that if there is no "visual hunger," You will not be terrible, but Your house really becomes your strength! Shelving Ltd Business Development Director Ilya furniture company Rostokin D.

Plant Breeding Substances

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

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Reproduction of plants interesting and creative process, but it needs a minimum of information that you will become a real gardener. The successful reproduction of plants by seeds is sometimes unbelievable, if take into account a myriad formed on the mother plant seeds and the relatively small number of surviving when they are germinating plants. Therefore, for the gardener to find out the reasons for limiting the survival and attempt to weaken or even remove these restrictions. Click Jeremy Tucker to learn more. And yet, despite these caveats, the seed method is one of the most effective and satisfactory ways of reproduction of plants. In addition, in the garden almost always possible to gather a lot of different seeds, the plants do not cause much harm in this case, unavoidable in vegetative propagation. You may want to visit Wells Fargo Bank to increase your knowledge. Growth processes in plants can be controlled by certain chemicals substances, when applied in very small doses. Gardeners use these physiologically active substances are not always in the reproduction of plants, but also, for example, to accelerate plodobrazovaniya.

The role played by nutrients substances in plant life, is not very clear. Hence the frequent misuse of fertilizers in plant breeding and the subsequent stages of their growth. For normal plant growth will require the following elements – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These so-called macronutrients, along with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are the link from which the plant provides organic matter. Elements such as calcium, sulfur and magnesium, needed plant in smaller quantities, and elements of iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum and cobalt are used in the plant quite a small space. During the multiplication of plants is not seldom seen complexities associated with various pests rasteniy.Poskolku these pests a large number of host plants, we give them an overview so that the gardener could recognize them and effectively deal with them. Breeding plants is a very important task for gardeners. As adapted methods described propagation of plants to local environmental conditions and technical capabilities? Practical advice is available on the site propagation of plants.

Nitkal – Additives For Concrete

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

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In the winter concreting, the accelerated increase in strength will prevent too-rapid hardening after heat due to hydration. Getting concrete with high strength. DEPENDENCE ON THE TYPE OF PERFORMANCE CT examination of the effectiveness of NITCAL with 10 different brands of Portland cement showed that there was no correlation between the accelerated strength development and content of C3A (calcium aluminate three-celite). However, the correlation was found with S2S (two calcium silicate blanches) content. NITCAL efficiency as an accelerator of curing decreases with increasing Na2O content of alkali in the concrete mix, while the hydroxides and sulfates accelerate the activity calcium. NITCAL used for cements with low alkali cement is used for both low and high Belita (C2S). NITCAL – is most effective as an accelerator for the curing of Portland Belita high and low content of alkali.

Reduced induction period and time of curing can be used in several ways: In the winter period to avoid hypothermia fresh concrete prior to hardening. Production of ready-made elements (faster reuse of forms). Reduced risk of cracking due to shrinkage of concrete. Reduced time to finishing (smoothing) of concrete floors. Increased early strength concrete. To activate the concrete after a long transport or transportation in hot climates. RISK REDUCTION NITCAL cracking can be used as an additive that reduces the risk cracking due to rapid loss of moisture in fresh concrete. The most likely effect of accelerated curing.

When tested concrete mixes with w / c = 0.45, with 2% NITCAL from cement and no additives. Concrete rings were subjected to drying in the installation, with a wind speed of 4.5 m / s at 20 C, relative humidity 43%. Concrete without additives had shrinkage cracks, while not seen any cracks in concrete with 2% NITCAL. CORROSION INHIBITOR NITCAL Prevents corrosion of the reinforcement, caused by high chloride content. Dosage 2 – 4%. During the lengthy trial proved that calcium nitrate slows down the corrosion of reinforcing steel caused by chloride as added directly into the water for mixing, and added later, as well as greater calcium nitrite tests for corrosion. The mechanism of action of nitrate and nitrite as corrosion inhibitors are similar in alkaline environments, such as concrete. Kinetics of nitrate more slowly than nitrite, but it is only important in short-term trials, since in practice the process of corrosion – a rather lengthy process. As follows from the theory, calcium nitrate provides more cushion than calcium nitrite. The addition of antifreeze additive NITCAL as the accelerator timing of cement used for production of concrete mixtures, in particular, recommended at low temperatures. The introduction of additives in the concrete mixture NITCAL at low ambient temperature causes a lowering of the freezing point of water, thereby kneading the concrete at Air – 10 C, without slowing down the cement hydration process. Effective influence NITCAL the concrete mix is achieved at a temperature of – 15 C ambient, if you add more than 1-2% additive by weight of cement. The application has a stable NITCAL growth on a global scale, is used in many major construction projects. The concrete mixture used in the construction NITCAL mines in the North Sea (altitude 369 m), under oil and gas platforms. Expediency NITCAL use was the fact that he opposed the slowing effect of hardening the mixture by pouring high and massive structures. Sales volume in the world is more than 1 million tons per year. The material is based on the YARA INDUSTRIAL manufacturer and testing of Professor Harold Dzhastnesa, SINTEF Civil engineering, simulation environments, cement and concrete, Trondheim, Norway.