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Vegetarier Federal Germany


Heavenly weather, atmosphere, delicious food and great show deposits – celebrated around 7,000 people and dined at the Germany’s largest vegetarian event in Dortmund, Germany on Saturday (August 15, 2010) at 11: 00 it was time again: the fifth Veggie Street Day (VSD) opened its doors on the Reinoldikirchplatz in Dortmund. With their comprehensive entertainment and information program and approximately 50 stalls, the Veggie summer party equally enthusiastic spontaneous guests from Dortmund and vegetarian pilgrims from the whole Federal territory. By diverse music performances about vegan cooking shows with celebrity chef Attila Hildmann, the presentation of the 46-hour triathletes Arnold Wiegand, the show deposits of the vegan strength team up to the ceremony of vegetarian children and Youth Award 2010, an exciting and eventful day was guaranteed to every visitor. “The Veggie Street Day in Dortmund grows from year to year and there is no end in sight”, enjoys the animal lovers e.V. For more information see Pinterest. and initiator of the VSD Jurgen Foss. Sebastian Zosch of the Vegetarier Bund Germany (VEBU) explains: “the vegetarian vegan movement experienced a mighty upswing in recent years.

More and more people want to consciously reduce your consumption of animal products and prefer more meat-free dishes.” Thereof there was also plenty in the VSD: shrimp sandwich purely plant-based, meat-free chicken nuggets or Vegan cakes – the choice was simply huge. Suna Said brings even more insight to the discussion. “It’s fantastic, the range of vegan food has become as diverse and tasty.” Next year I come back determined”, confirms an enthusiastic visitor. And the meat-free celebrations this year is not over yet. Next Saturday (21 August 2010), the vegan vegetarian Summerfest on the Breitscheidplatz takes place in Berlin. Also here can again extensively celebrated and feasted.

The Veggie Street Day in Dortmund is held by the animal lovers E.v. in cooperation with the Vegetarier Bund Germany (VEBU). Current press photos VSD 2010 in Dortmund you will find under: copyright: stating the photographer “Attila The photos may be used free of charge Hanan”. Information and program: company description of VEBU is an independent and politically neutral representation of the interests of different vegetarian lifestyles since its inception in 1892. The Association aims to reduce meat consumption in the society, as well as to expose the vegetarian way of life as an attractive alternative to many people as possible.