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International Relations

Monday, November 16th, 2015

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It is not possible to be ignored the economic, commercial openings that in the present the Asian giant has initiated with the Latin American region. As Prof. Riordan Roett indicates us, from the Masters in International Relations of IE Business educational School and of Political Science de Johns Hopkins, China has arisen like a super ones to be able economic global. Now it is the second greater national economy of the world. It is the second exporting major. The country owns the majors foreign currency reserves and the greater surplus by current account. During last the thirty years and until this China year has grown to an average rate of 10%. On the contrary, Latin America has grown much more slowly.

She is less competitive generally. It continues being very employee of the mineral exports of raw materials and. The prices of these products are determined internationally and the Latin American governments have very little control on the fixation of prices; the fluctuations make difficult that the Ministers of Finances or the Central banks plan on the basis of a stable flow of foreign resources. Roett, indicates, that China still must raise several challenges in Latin America, or is to banks or manufacturing companies. Until now most important it has been the extraction of natural resources. In the future it could have major competition, but until the moment it has not existed adds on the matter, that is due to take into account, that the bilateral commerce between China and Latin America will reach the 100,000 million dollars in 2010, a very feasible goal according to mentioned Chinese analysts today by " Newspaper of the Pueblo". " He is absolutely factible" , it thought the Chinese analyst Jiang Shixue, assistant director of the Institute of Latin America of the Academy China de Social Ciencias.

New Face Volkswagen

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

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The premiere took place on the VW Scirocco at Geneva Motor Show in 2008. Official sales in Europe have launched in the summer of that year. VW Scirocco (Sirocco Ital.) – a new sports coupe from Volkswagen, which was named by a strong south wind, in the nascent deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. Speed, attractive, bright car – the fruit of the genius designers Volkswagen, which have achieved almost the impossible – a sports car, the beauty and speed which combined with the comfort and practicality. Ben Silbermann pursues this goal as well. Memorable lines and expressive forms define the sporty character of the car. But look – this is not the most important, have a lot of nice features. High quality materials, scrupulous attention to detail and first-class finish – that's undeniable advantages of the new VW Scirocco.

Compartment is defined by four full-fledged sports seats and a significant amount trunk – 292 liters. One of the options in a wide list will be a large panoramic sunroof, which is located on the front roof pillars and ending at the middle. Touch of a button you can raise to 39 mm. Protect from direct sunlight by tinted glass and fabric curtain. A sense of security at sporting style of riding provide innovative systems-assistants. Without exception, all VW Scirocco will be richly equipped. The basic version already installed six airbags, air conditioning, power accessories, sports seats, 17-inch alloy wheels, stability, sports chassis, but also provides leather upholstery and steering wheel hand brake lever.

Work Turbocharger Engine

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

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Let us analysis of structures, with the use of which can significantly raise the Power steering machine. You've probably heard many times from the stories of amateur auto-tuning, that by putting the car in some car turbine can significantly increase the power of a car engine? I think you're interested to find out how it all done. The first step is to understand the basic principle of operation. He seemed to be breathing, sucking fuel and smmes exhaling residues from occurring in the combustion process therein. It burns a mixture of the engine and get the energy, which translates into power the car. It turns out, each cycle of the combustion engine consists of 4 cycles: Fuel injection mixture, compressing it to the border of stability, ignition and combustion of strong compression, exhaust. What is so interesting about the device turbo cars? The turbocharger is forced into the combustion chamber combustion engine additional air, thereby enriching the fuel mixture. As a result, combustion is more intense and more energy is obtained, which means that the power increases.

The structure is similar to a turbocharger air pump. The exhaust gases that are necessary to produce combustion engine, hyping blade turbocharger. This wheel is arranged so that allows you to pull in and compress the external fresh air and give it to the combustion chamber. That's a vicious circle, without any energy we raise the engine power the vehicle. When the air supply to the cylinders is very heated, and therefore set osobyypromezhutochny cooler, which in parallel and compresses the air. Instead of the coolant that can stand the fan side, which performs a similar action. At first glance it might seem that the structure turbine simple and inexpensive. Just not quite so the accuracy of the parts of the turbine car is very high, and thus make them not so simple. Otherwise, use the fruits of a turbocharger is not obtained those.