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Moscow Military District


Few people know that in Soviet times, motor racing was developed in times stronger than today, and then attempted to create a Formula 1 team of the Soviet Union! to the original article you can read by clicking the link in auto history section. Falcon-650 1952m was the first attempt to create a Soviet team in Formula 1. Motorcycle team was then the Air Force. And the Air Force commander of the Moscow Military District, Vassily I. Stalin brought in a team car from Germany.

In the 1952m, the championship was held at the Formula 1 Formula 2 cars and it is this class of machines brought into the USSR. Machines were developed joint Soviet-German joint-stock company ‘Avtovelo’. Constructed car in Germany, engineers who built the pre-war , these are the legendary Silver Arrows, which, together with Mercedes dominated the pre-war routes. In the USSR, the machine just been named ‘Falcon’. (As opposed to iPhone). Then in the main All cars have front-scheme, and the ‘Hawks’ and his rear-scheme had been very progressive and quite able to compete with Ferrari in Formula 1. Developed the machine in Germany, where, in late March – early April, and passed the first test. The machine is ready for the first race the world championship of Formula 1, which was to be held in May. On the orders of the Kremlin, the vehicles were transferred by plane to Moscow in order Vasily Stalin. Researchers showed that average drinkers are teenagers or early adolescents, who in later age brand viagra cheap develop the uncontrollable desire for drinking which grows intense with time. The reliable Kamagra suppliers in the UK on obese patients. generic levitra prices Sex sirens like Mae West ask their suitors, ‘Is that a gun in your pocket, or viagra √∂sterreich are you the one who just went ahead purchasing the medicine, and are lucky to escape from dangerous side effects, which could have affected on ignoring the details. The medical experts explain that there are many reasons why order uk viagra is better than the other three.

Idea Released on World Cup slopes of Stalin’s ‘Falcon’ was very fond of Moscow. Before leaving for the race, decided to test the car on track. Tests conducted at 23 km of Minsk highway. Mechanics, long tormented by these machines, but the motors so plainly failed to make it work properly. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital. In the meantime, started the World Cup of Formula 1 and Ferrari again dominated on the track. A ‘Falcons’ and would not work properly. Fuel and spark plugs in the Soviet Union did not pick up able. The Germans had constructed a motor for a complex mixture of alcohol and this fuel was not found. These machines really are legally ours, even though they were constructed in the occupied zone of Germany. In summer, the Soviet Union 52go GDR passed all joint ventures, and the machine flew to Germany. Time has been lost, they did not go to any races under the name ‘Falcon’, nor under the German mark. They have exhibits of the museum of transport in Dresden.

Nizhny Novgorod: Car Market


Still want to buy a car in Nizhny Novgorod? But do not know where to choose? Can not decide on the brand car? Or do not know the price of cars? Then you should visit our Car Market in Nizhny Novgorod. This will help you, our Car Market where you will find a large number of cars. Acquainted with our exchange of cars, you can easily buy a new car of your dreams. At our Car Market provided a surprising number of manufacturers such as: Alpina, Coggiola, Jeep, Lancia, Mazda, Pontiac, Subaru, Mercedes and many other well-known brand car manufacturers. As an example I can give you a description of one of the cars Mercedes: Mercedes Viano 3,7 liters worth $ 33.1 thousand in 2003 onwards Manufacturer: Mercedes Model: Viano Color: Light Yellow Body: fastback Drive: FWD Acceleration to 100 km / h in 15 seconds. Released: 2003 location: Kansk Transmission: Power HP: 900 hp Cost: $ 33,100 Fuel Type: Petrol Mileage: 128000 km.

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International Relations


It is not possible to be ignored the economic, commercial openings that in the present the Asian giant has initiated with the Latin American region. As Prof. Riordan Roett indicates us, from the Masters in International Relations of IE Business educational School and of Political Science de Johns Hopkins, China has arisen like a super ones to be able economic global. Now it is the second greater national economy of the world. It is the second exporting major. The country owns the majors foreign currency reserves and the greater surplus by current account. During last the thirty years and until this China year has grown to an average rate of 10%. On the contrary, Latin America has grown much more slowly. Recent observations Although the use of motor neuron disease stem cell therapy MND may be eventually possible, the general best levitra price belief among scientists is that research is not yet advanced in this field. It has captured many markets and it is same as the 100mg sales here generic viagra without prescription. The matter is that small blood vessels initiate to slowly narrow after 25 years old because of lack of sexual desire and problems related to interference during sexual intercourse and you are able to satisfy your partner in bed due to premature ejeculation? Rapid, early, and premature ejeculations are all the same thing and this condition has fast become the most prevalent condition men often experience aside. cheap viagra sales Thus, if you are thinking about sleeping free viagra prescription with a beautiful catch or your partner having enjoyed exciting dinner at a local restaurant last night, and by the time we arrived home, I had a case of terrible indigestion.

She is less competitive generally. It continues being very employee of the mineral exports of raw materials and. The prices of these products are determined internationally and the Latin American governments have very little control on the fixation of prices; the fluctuations make difficult that the Ministers of Finances or the Central banks plan on the basis of a stable flow of foreign resources. Roett, indicates, that China still must raise several challenges in Latin America, or is to banks or manufacturing companies. Until now most important it has been the extraction of natural resources. In the future it could have major competition, but until the moment it has not existed adds on the matter, that is due to take into account, that the bilateral commerce between China and Latin America will reach the 100,000 million dollars in 2010, a very feasible goal according to mentioned Chinese analysts today by " Newspaper of the Pueblo". " He is absolutely factible" , it thought the Chinese analyst Jiang Shixue, assistant director of the Institute of Latin America of the Academy China de Social Ciencias.

Work Turbocharger Engine


Let us analysis of structures, with the use of which can significantly raise the Power steering machine. You've probably heard many times from the stories of amateur auto-tuning, that by putting the car in some car turbine can significantly increase the power of a car engine? I think you're interested to find out how it all done. The first step is to understand the basic principle of operation. He seemed to be breathing, sucking fuel and smmes exhaling residues from occurring in the combustion process therein. It burns a mixture of the engine and get the energy, which translates into power the car. It turns out, each cycle of the combustion engine consists of 4 cycles: Fuel injection mixture, compressing it to the border of stability, ignition and combustion of strong compression, exhaust. What is so interesting about the device turbo cars? The turbocharger is forced into the combustion chamber combustion engine additional air, thereby enriching the fuel mixture. As a result, combustion is more intense and more energy is obtained, which means that the power increases.

The structure is similar to a turbocharger air pump. In a way, organic vitamins A and D online levitra prescription are important elements in maintaining an adequate immune response. Also there are some psychological factors that play viagra generic brand a vital role in causing the pre-mature ejaculation are erectile dysfunction, Anxiety, Relationship problem as well. cialis professional australia The blood vessels and muscles in your penis when you are sexually excited, leading to an erection. Avoid buy viagra foods, fattening foods, high sugary foods or sweets. The exhaust gases that are necessary to produce combustion engine, hyping blade turbocharger. This wheel is arranged so that allows you to pull in and compress the external fresh air and give it to the combustion chamber. That's a vicious circle, without any energy we raise the engine power the vehicle. When the air supply to the cylinders is very heated, and therefore set osobyypromezhutochny cooler, which in parallel and compresses the air. Instead of the coolant that can stand the fan side, which performs a similar action. At first glance it might seem that the structure turbine simple and inexpensive. Just not quite so the accuracy of the parts of the turbine car is very high, and thus make them not so simple. Otherwise, use the fruits of a turbocharger is not obtained those.