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Friday, March 3rd, 2017

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We will talk of it, you don’t have the slightest doubt. An events company technicians will be responsible for prepare those individual bags that contain masks, wigs, the confetti, the psyk, the outrageous plastic trumpets and the speaker which delight of elders when they play like children. The contents of Cotillion bags can be completed to your liking, you can add what it wants you. To entire costumes, if you want to disguise your party with a different touch, make more participatory the evening with the possibility of hiding the faces of your people behind masks and dresses, to the shy thereafter and for the more daring to make your celebration more dynamic. Remember that there are all kinds of feathers, long, more long and much more long up to strident and striking colors bright hats, out of time, plastic noses, rojas, to place and apayasar the image of any of the more serious guests, that surely no one will recognize in photos after the party with a simple touch. What do a Cotillion, well organized, well calculated, thinking about each of the guests. A measure improvisation. It is important to have in mind that the containing the Cotillion is compatible with the festive celebration.

For example, you can not have items which are broken or which stain. Choose foams, be careful because you can ruin more than one dress. Although looking better, have you ever thought in surprise that can be assumed to give everyone a full of ink false water gun? That leaves no trace after a while. The fright and the grace you have insured. Also remember that it is always advisable that the bride and groom have an outfit, a complement salido or not bags of the Cotillion, which makes them seem somewhat more elegant than the rest of the guests or at least who can distinguish them by the color of the rest. But, as in everything in your holidays send you, and you always have the last word. Your tastes are above all. Wedding celebrations with Cotillion why not?