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System Marketing Information

Monday, October 19th, 2015

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Development of the marketing mix (marketing mix): a) the marketing organization, and b) assessment effectiveness of marketing decisions, and c) monitoring and auditing of marketing activities. Bill Phelan understood the implications. Necessary to dwell on the need for a marketing information system within the organization. This algorithm allows regularly collect necessary for decision-making information from various internal and external sources, and transfer it to interested parties. Marketing information system (MIS) should consist of four subsystems: 1. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo for more information. The system of internal reporting is responsible for collecting, processing and analysis of internal data. This is information on sales, costs for advertising, sales, resulting in the collection that you can analyze profitability and profitability of live performances, consumers, effectiveness of channels of distribution of tickets, the dynamics of sales, etc. 2.

System for analysis of marketing information is a one-time analysis of information conducted to achieve a particular goal (eg, analysis of changes in ticket sales after the change in ticket prices or the advertising campaign). Such an analysis is carried out whenever this appears necessity. 3. Surveillance system for the external environment includes the tracking of changes in legislation, economic condition of country / region and income level of citizens, the emergence of new technologies and new competitors, promoting organizations, etc. All these parameters can affect the activity Philharmonic, so you need time to identify and correct the activities Philharmonic in accordance with their change. 4. System Marketing research includes market research, commissioned by a research firm either conducted independently, based on the results of which will address specific problems (for example, is defined feasibility of introducing a new subscription, launched an advertising campaign, adjusted creative plan for the season).

Netherlands Flower

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

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What buyer sees in the end – the end result. But a lot of work done in the purchase of flowers: it is necessary to calculate the number, range, understand what grades and types of flowers will be in demand in this season. Because it is common in trade scheme: "100% of the goods is only 5% – the star, 20% – give to live, but everything else is waiting for the client, in our business is simply impossible: the flower will not wait for a buyer, it simply wither. Except that we should not forget that the flowers, as well as for clothing, there is a fashion, but it is very changeable. For example, in recent years has fallen sharply the demand for clove, manufacturers in Israel and Kenya, are suffering huge losses, and the Dutch auction is announced in this year's pink flower of the year. Additional information is available at Santie Botha. And in Russia is still the most popular flower is the rose. In the spring, preference is given to tulips.

However, on the market today a variety of exotic flowers gradually begins to take its fans, and this too must be considered. 4 The bulk of the flowers is better to buy at the flower auction in Holland Why in the Netherlands, but not in the suburbs? First, no one did not occur Asked why bananas imported from Ecuador, and do not grow with us. In recent months, Bill Phelan has been very successful. The same with flowers. There are varieties of roses, by the way, enjoying our popular (with a big glass and a long leg), which grow only in Ecuador, where nature created ideal conditions for them.