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Being Proper

Friday, January 4th, 2013

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We learn decidedly that walking of form envolven you the edges of the shade of the death we visualize how much far we are of the pureness of our being, and in the conflict of our integrity it masks removing it of the moral that hides in them is collated with the terror of nature that composes in them, counting the days that still remain of the possibility that it invites in them to exempt us of the torment in the hell, therefore where would consist the involving glimpse of the hell? If not in the agony of a conscience wounded gotten depressed in the slavery of the passions that to oppress! Certainly with this in what the understanding is become enlarged of what we are? Therefore we are what we are in the agreement of what we are not? if we are what we think to be then about what the real purpose is characterized of what we are being? Therefore in this nature we are what we would not have to be for our proper one to be? Coherently we acquire knowledge ourselves of that in the imanncia of the being for the being under the compenetrao of the proper one being we stabilize ourselves beyond the proeminence of the being that in the truth in them we are, finding in to this I legalize it being sensible of sublime I I AM that shows in our genuine one to exist.

The Love Of The Father

Friday, December 21st, 2012

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The man receives from God a woman to be able to have with who if to relate and so that it is not alone and of the one for it a called place den so that he can live and take care of of everything for God. The man never obtained to give value in the things that God made for it and finishes playing everything for brings and trai God making what God said it not to make. Same god seeing that the man had missed and trado looked in the sky and saw that the only way to save the man was to send somebody to die in the place of it and thus It made ordering its son to die to save all humanide. I want here to start to reflect with you the fence of the love of God and the death of Jesus. We see that nowadays all the men are not giving credit in the love of God stop with us, knowing that exactly the love Of it passed superficially even though of the love that had in its son Jesus and sent it to die for our sins.

Study Regarding The Tenth

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

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' Certainly you will give the tenths of all the fruit of your seed, that each year if to collect of the field. E, before Mr. your Deus, in the place that to choose to make there to inhabit its name, you will eat the tenths of your grain, your must and your oil, and the first-born of your cows and your sheep; so that you learn to fear Mr. your Deus every day. when the way you will be so long that you cannot lead, for being far from you the place that to choose you your God to put its name there, when Mr. your will have blessed Deus you; Then vende them, and act the money in your hand, and goes to the place that to choose you your God; that money you will give for everything what it desires your soul, for cows, and sheep, and wine, and strong drink, and everything what to ask for your soul; there you and your house eat it before Mr. your Deus, and cheer to you; However you will not abandon the levita that is inside of your doors; therefore inheritance with you does not have part nor. To the end of three years you will take off all the tenths of your harvest in the same year, you will inside collect and them of your doors; Then it will come the levita (therefore nor part nor inheritance have with you), and the foreigner, and the orphan, and the widower, that are inside of your doors, and they will eat, and be satiated; so that Mr. your Deus blesses you in all the workmanship that your hands fizerem.' ' Deuteronmio 14:22 – 29 The tenths, tax, commanded, the tenth parts, are for the service Mr. Deus, are obligator function, work, obligation, obsquio (favour of God), a faith act that supports its congregation religious.