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Venus Affects Business

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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Favorably depth to engage in business or at any job. A good antidote to Pluto and Saturn will be Neptune with Venus and Mars, which will not only bring good luck, but also increase revenue, which is very important in the situation of the global economic crisis. Many people will be able to earn at least a little to remedy its economic position. September – beautiful month for love, start a romantic relationship. Venus will be a positive influence on all areas of life and will present many pleasant surprises. It gives a feeling of supreme harmony, happiness in love, a sense beauty, subtle appreciation of art.

In his heart settle peace and quiet. A good period for conception. Favorably to tie relationships, to acquire wealth and improve your life, enjoy and have fun. Chance of earnings and earnings from music, painting, cinema, acquisition of art objects. There may be unexpected twists in life for the better.

Opportunity to receive an inheritance, to resolve knotty problems. Increases work capacity and vitality, are born new sudden thoughts and ideas, new creative plans. The three main words that can describe in September – is the order of the calculation and efficiency. Sun in the element of Earth requires us to such qualities as stability, strength, solidity. After the fire activity in August there is a need in the diligence, learning, perception and analysis. Each case must try to hold on to plan, consistently, carefully study the details, with a clear head, without emotion.