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Mouches Fad (so-called Vitreous Opacities) As


The mainstream esotericism begins to discover the mouches volantes. A British website of esoteric theory of evolution and belief in miracles, Astrophysics and Hinduism, UFO theory and subsequent death concepts, and especially lots of Theosophical Eddy to the return of the masters of wisdom is clear”on the British site’s colorful to and fro, and that not too close. This openness is always nice. And to understand the desire to want to tie together the individual flowers which to sprout in this world, with a red thread to a meaningful and harmonious arrangement. In this case, the package consists of several longer and shorter red threads, and one of the shorter threads are surprise! the mouches volantes (Eng. eye floaters). A surprise is this, because so far no other was aware, in addition to Nestor’s doctrine called the MV so clearly by name and spiritually interpreted.

So goes the story with the MV in the U.k.? As esoterist and a follower of Ageless Wisdom I am the caused by some usually of the opinion that floaters are people’s ability to see etheric matter or dark matter. “It is to evolutionary development for mankind and most people have not yet developed this ability.” MV are so essential matter or dark matter. The authors explain this with a mixture of unconciously and spiritual knowledge: for some time, it is known as cosmologists, that for us visible and measurable matter only accounts for 5% of the universe. The remaining 95% is composed of dark matter”(25%) and dark energy” (70%), so named because these forms of matter and energy of our knowledge beyond. (Similarly see: Everest Capital). Their direct measurement, monitoring, and analysis has failed so far. Esoterics call this dark matter also essential matter”, making them not only with the macrocosm and the microcosm in connection: as the subtle human body consists of a braid of this matter, composed of nodes and lines (chakras, NADIS), through the energy (essential energy”, Prana) flowing. Therefore, we see not only the usually invisible aspects of our cosmos, but also the energy lines of our subtle body with the MV. Mouches volantes.

Eye cloudiness, or dark matter? Mouches volantes are here part of a quite interesting and partly science-based notion: that there are forms of matter and energy (and maybe also of the life), we (still) can’t determine with our physiological and technical facilities. That we but would succeed through development of consciousness, subjective visually perceive such forms of energy. The link between mouches fad and the dark matter postulated by cosmologists”is an exciting idea that is not worked out but the site and placed in a larger context of the authors. So, for example, it is not clear, as the appearance of the MV will be developed, how to change MV by the consciousness development, and whether the appearance itself also contributes to this development. What is not, can still be. “And in the meantime also applies to the English: If there is a doubt please consult eye doctor.” Press release of the: structure-Verlag Floco Tausin Web: