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RCTV Advertising

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

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The advertisers will be no &quot either; boicoteado" to VV because he would be just like to boycott itself to they themselves; they need exhibition in the average ones to sell their products and services and or lost one But something if it is very probable, the brother of Gustavo (that is the true brain of the group) will be or would have to be thinking about the morning, in which in truth it is going to mean the pact that sealed Gustavo does about two years when it met with Chvez in Tiuna Fort; this " Cisneros in sombra" the precarious thing must know that it is the position of the channel within the priorities of the regime it last and it that the account can receive him " venevidentes" when they can again have the signal of RCTV in his homes and not only by cable but in open signal there if the exit of RCTV by cable is going to change to the panorama drastically he is something that I imagine either would have for a long time predicted in VV and so surely because our president is a facist in VV or must have a good time doing soundings and measurements to prevent the impact who it is going to mean, not only in their sales but also in their hearing and because those that have cable are seeing VV (it would not be a waste) but by the expressions and aspirations of which they do not have it. The detail is in which good part of the portfolio of clients of VV is companies that sell products and services mainly directed to population groups that have sufficient the buying capacity as to be subscribed (or to subscribe) to a service of television by cable or satellite and these companies they must already have his doubts than in terms of trade and sales can mean the double blow of " half of exposicin" silenced and erased of the screens (RCTV) and replaced by a communicational and commercial invalidity (the TVE) and two channels despised by the ample majority of the public target of its products (Venevisin and Televen) in this scene: That felt it must maintain the means strategy? ,who this seeing the campaigns that so expensive cost? , it has sense to insist beyond the reasonable thing on these conditions? , he will not be but effective to make additional investments of publicity in those means of cable and satellite, that do not report any benefit to him to RCTV, but that if they will obtain the exhibition wished to the Venezuelan consumers. To read more click here: Wells Fargo Bank. . .