Stabilus Furniture Manufacturer

STABILUS furniture manufacturer international with a wide range of gas springs Koblenz supplies September 2011. With hydro-pneumatic gas springs STABILUS has become world’s reputation as a supplier for the furniture industry. The gas spring of LIFT-O-MAT series, BLOC-O-LIFT or rod-O-MAT are today in the various genera of the furniture used everywhere where a secure and convenient opening and closing, as well as effective damping is required. STABILUS informed on trade fairs such as the INTERZUM or ZOW with a versatile range of gas springs and their wide range of applications. Comfort chairs, bar furniture or modern office cabinets without gas spring or damper is today hardly a functional piece of furniture. STABILUS is regarded as world leader in this field and supplies international companies from the furniture industry with its products. Especially series such as LIFT-O-MAT, bar-O-MAT and BLOC-O-LIFT take over a leading role on the market for gas springs.

The high-quality gas springs the Product series LIFT-O-MAT apply inter alia in modern kitchen cabinets and enable, for example, automatic, power-supporting open heavy and wide glass or metal doors. But the gas springs from STABILUS be used also in other functionally and ergonomically designed trend furniture and ensure that moving parts controlled open, close or reduce. This proves a crucial advantage the STABILUS gas pressure spring, that they can be easily combined with traditional fittings and suitable with their infinite adjustability for the installation in a wide variety of furniture designs. In May 2011, STABILUS showed presence in Cologne at the furniture fair INTERZUM and presented its gas springs. Here proved himself again: gas springs and dampers from STABILUS today find application in different types of furniture and demanded by manufacturers all over the world. The STABILUS GmbH presented a wide variety of the product range in the field at the INTERZUM Gas springs, including the series of LIFT-O-MAT and BLOC-O-LIFT.

The visitors could get an authentic impression of the versatility of the gas spring at the booth of STABILUS: specially for this purpose STABILUS had set up a Cabinet pillar, which illustrated the functioning and quality of gas springs and dampers on specific cases. Learn more about the gas springs and dampers, STABILUS, see applications/moebel.html. About STABILUS GmbH, the company, founded in 1934 in STABILUS is the world market leader in the area of the gas springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. STABILUS has over 3,000 employees at nine production sites in nine countries on five continents with headquarters in Koblenz. The company has a worldwide sales and service network. The gas pressure spring of STABILUS GmbH are high quality products and are used worldwide across all industries.

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