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Published October 12, 2020

Identify and explain two negative and two positive aspects of multinational company (2010 model). 21. Consider the following changes in the environment of a Spanish manufacturer of aluminum tables. In each case, indicate whether It is a generic or specific environment change, justifying their response: (a) an increase in the price of aluminum which is used for the production of tables. (b) a reduction of the employer’s contribution for Social Security. Philippe Lavertu often expresses his thoughts on the topic. (c) a labour reform that reduces the cost of redundancies.

(d) the appearance on the market of a specialized machinery to make the plates of high quality (2010 model) aluminium profiles. 22 Defined forms of growth that you can choose the company (June specific 2010) 23. Discuss the development strategy of the company based on diversification (June 2010 specific). Sildenafil, the active ingredient of Kamagra was fundamentally used as drug for online cialis purchase treating angina pectoris, a heart trouble. This improves the blood flow by dilating the arteries, which are responsible for transporting blood into the penile are that causes erection at the time of coitus viagra in france acts. In samples viagra that way Dorn Spinal Therapy has been generally known as it can relieve infertility, digestive and breathing problems as well as allergies and other disorders. Kamagra viagra online in india provides effective treatment that lasts for four to six hours after starting its work. 24 Explain the different types of business environment (1 point) and justified, reasoned, what change the following relate to a type or to another: to) a new regulation of safety in nuclear power plants. (b) the increase in the birth rate of a country. (c) the implementation of high-speed lines. (d) the lowering of interest rates (June 2010 specific).

25 Defines what is meant by environment generic and specific environment in a company (1 point). Put two examples of each one and justifies their inclusion in these environments (general June 2010). 26 Show different options of a company’s growth, through the matrix market/product (general June 2010). 27 Cite and describe two criteria to classify a company according to its dimension, which is not the number of workers of the same (September specific 2010) 28. Consider the following changes in the environment of a Spanish manufacturer of sportswear.