South Africa Market In Russia

Along with China, Brazil and South Africa market in Russia promises to take a leadership role among developing countries. In general, the experts agree with the data of Merrill Lynch. Stock market analysts international company RiskMetrics Group, Ron Papanek said: "If we look closely at what happened with the Russian securities market in the last couple of years, we see that last year's absolutely phenomenal growth rates were only a response to the rather dismal 2008. An increase of 120 percent is impressive in itself, but against the 75 percent fall in the previous year, it fades. " According to Papaneka, the Russian market is stronger compared to the stock markets of other developing countries. The growth of the banking sector and natural resources sector, which was observed last year, will be noticeable in 2010, he said. Kevin Doherty, an analyst other international financial services company – The Pharos Financial Team, believes that in 2010 Russia's stock market will largely depend on how fast the recovery will occur after the economic crisis on the global level. According to Doherty, Russia has an industrial raw material, which is necessary for economic development in other countries, particularly in Asia. "If we continue the same growth in the global economy, as in the past year, Russian stock market will be one of the most lucrative in the world "The expert also noted that at the moment shares certain Russian companies are undervalued, but because today's stock market trades in Russia at a discount of approximately 35 per cent compared with other developing countries, as well as their own historical performance.


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