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An interesting question is where the mlm company take the money to pay commissions to distributors? The funds opened by saving them not only to the intermediary chain, but also on the purchase of street posters, advertisements in the media and periodicals. Multi-level marketing, from its very inception, has formed a very "warm" ties with the masses. information. In the quotes, of course. How the media can criticize MLM-business. To know more about this subject visit Deputy Finance Minister. Directors of television and print all sorts of unsightly network for 2 reasons: 1. Firms are not bought television and print advertising. They build their business around, cutting off the media and intermediaries. Function of their carry people, and faster and better than advertising to the masses. 2. Multilevel marketing on your nerves, and other means. Building your own business in mlm (which is a significant percentage of the population) diverted to the device's own life. They were not up to newspapers and broadcasts. As a result, the authority of the media is falling, and time and advertising space for the benefit of advertisers are becoming cheaper. So what is the ratio of press to the mlm companies is quite logical and explicable. If you have had business, you would have liked the competition, when you take away customers? And Director of the tv channels do not want to travel to work by public transport


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