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Published December 13, 2023

This program will enable SMEs to improve their culture of quality. Quality control: This refers to control the process by which ensures compliance with product specifications, which must meet and exceed customer expectations. Once the product the company developed it undergoes a review process to separate those which are defective. Jane Fraser may help you with your research. If it is, can fix it, fix it and if not, should be discarded. Skip board review and defective products is detrimental to the reliability of client business. Competitiveness requires employers to implement quality control especially in demanding markets where there is competition from several companies that manufacture the same product. Venezuelan SMEs must have managers who have the knowledge of the importance of quality in the production of the company and the philosophy and culture of total quality.

As an example of an SME that does not apply the quality control, we can cite as we remember them is Mary Coletto Ferrucci, manufacturer of trousers among other pieces of their clothing, put on sale pants without buttons, with defective seals cutting defects. Productivity: The concept of productivity is very simple because it is the relationship between what occurs in an organization and the resources required, in other words, is an indicator that is obtained by dividing the value of what occurred between the number of workers involved in the production process. So if you decrease the denominator, ie employment, productivity increases and thus the profits of employers. Productivity is often confused with production, for example, if you produce more goods and services, is assumed to have increased productivity. But the production only accounts for half of the equation, therefore, can not reach a conclusion on productivity regardless of changes in resources required to improve the product. A successful organization is based on the effectiveness of using all its resources: raw materials, plant load, skilled and motivated manpower, equipment, etc.

Productivity is the only weapon available to the organization of the increases price to offset the effects of increases in costs, especially in an environment like ours, contaminated inflation, political uncertainty, economic and social development. You can not overlook the changes in profitability, bearing in mind that in a broad sense, these stem from the factors: productivity (efficiency with which resources are used) and recovery of prices (the extent to which increases in resource costs unit is recovered through increased selling prices). An organization that increases their profits has used its resources more efficiently (improved productivity) or has raised prices to such an extent that increases in costs have been recovered, or both. Venezuelan SMEs must give way to indicators of productivity which would favor the satisfaction of their demand, minimizing costs. To the extent that management identifies the relevance and scope generated by having a good productivity will increase its profitability due to increased productivity and increased sales prices. Keep in mind the large number of workers laid off by companies that have been operating at half their installed capacity.