Russian Market

Bus Market, part of the automotive market in Russia is quite independent and has its own characteristics compared with the market passenger cars or trucks. Firstly, it is because consumers buses Russia – is mostly municipal companies. The need for passenger traffic increases, but despite this, the bus market is developing fast enough, because effective demand is very low, because municipal fleets are not funded. Click Pinterest to learn more. The bus market in Russia – a closed market, even compared to the truck market. Therefore, the development of the domestic bus market depends basically only on the production of Russian enterprises. Over the past few years, bus services in Russia carried out fairly rapidly. Release of buses is increasing every year. Increases the production of gazelles, sables. In general, buses serve about 1200 Russian cities and towns. Bus park regular routes in the country has 123,000 buses. Despite the increased production of buses and replace all obsolete Russian coaches is not yet possible.


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