Robert Arrives

Rosinha spoke. – I find that it only is giving a time, later goes to show its claws. – That nothing, it is very affectionate and gentile. – I wait that it continues thus. – It does not supplicate plagues. – I am not supplicating, but you know that it is half crazy. – Why? – You know! – Why it Only likes to read those things that a horrible end always has? Rosinha was speaking that Robert adores to read on tragedies and histories with dramatical end.

Until then, this not it is to scare, is until praiseworthy, therefore to read is always very good. The life went passing and Robert started to place manguinhas of is. He wanted to dominate rosinha, to choose its friends and to place schedules for its exit. The life of Rosinha was turning a hell, but it believed that age only jealousy and that jealousy alone has who loves. It looked excuses for the exaggerated behavior of Robert, perhaps because also kneads it excessively. One day Rosinha wanted to leave with the Joana friend and it forbade it to Robert. – You do not go to leave with it.

He spoke irritated. – Why Robert. He answered, in the same tone, Joana. – Because you do not serve pra to be friend of Rosinha. You are not decent. – Who is not decent is you, its vagabond. – The two Silence the mouth. I decided, I do not go to leave and ready. Rosinha cried out. – This my love, is with me that it is well better of what being in the street with certain people. Robert spoke. – Robert Arrives, I already said that I go to be. Joana I do not go, I can go. – You are who you know. He is with this maluco! Joana answered.


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