Reduce Costs Through Lean Management

Klaus Pfeiffer – OrganisationsEntwicklung accompanies small and medium-sized enterprises on their way to process optimisation and productivity Kolbermoor, December 11, 2009 – Detox business processes and improve for Klaus Pfeiffer OrganisationsEntwicklung stands. Klaus Pfeiffer advises and assists small and medium-sized companies from the manufacturing industry with their desire to make their production processes, cost-conscious to work as effectively as possible. For companies, the cost is lower, increase profits. Benefits that pay off twice in times of crisis. In times of economic stagnation, the companies have won, have already optimized their production processes. That assumes the lean management study 2008 of the consultancy management partners out.

The same benefits all companies that implement lean management and implement – after all already 57% – arrive after a short time: cost reduction, higher delivery reliability, this customer satisfaction and increase in profit. 20% of the Companies surveyed are planning the use of lean management. Especially in times of crisis, companies should reconsider their organisational processes to get back in the sales and profit to the front. Lean management is the cheapest and easiest way to optimize a company’s cost structure and thus to contribute to the protection of its own future. It also knows the lean management consultant Klaus Pfeiffer by Klaus Pfeiffer OrganisationsEntwicklung. He actively supported small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry for their streamlining of internal processes.

Klaus Pfeiffer knows from his long career at multi test electronic systems GmbH industrial processes. He has accompanied his former employer already in process optimization with the help of lean management as project manager. JPMorgan Chase has compatible beliefs. His industry experience is for its customers of advantage. “Through my work, I know where and how I must use my practical advice,” the lean explains management consultant. Hence his approach is customer-oriented. “My vision is a company which operates waste-free. A company that achieves a maximum result with minimum use of resources and is thus significantly more powerful than the competition. For the success of lean management is just crucial that the already existing in the company knowledge and can consistently and meaningfully applied.” Klaus Pfeiffer’s consulting covers the entire value chain of the procurement, development, distribution of the production to the delivery and includes the administrative areas. The redesigned processes are geared exclusively to the customer. Customer puts it in the center of all business goals. Benefits and advantages of lean management for SMEs in the manufacturing industry is already for a long time under cost pressure. In addition, buyers in the field of B2B and consumer can compare worldwide very easily all products and services on the Internet. Total, resources such as energy and raw materials are by the enormous further tighten additional demand in the emerging markets. Therefore, it is important at an early stage with the theme of waste within the company intensively to deal with. So, companies need to optimize their cost structures, she assisted lean management. Lean management – helps reduce the time and reduction of surface – reduce inventory levels – while raising the level of quality – with the decline in the rate of complaints – reduction of fixed and variable cost – reduction from Committee by the strong involvement of employees increases employee satisfaction and motivation, and improves its corporate reputation with clients and business partners. These soft factors should not underestimate in times of market saturation and always comparable products company. Press release: Word shop of Furstenrieder str. 184 81377 Munich contact person: Annabelle Meinhold phone: 089/12304319 Web:


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